New Star Trek film to be released on June 9, 2023

New Star Trek film to be released on June 9, 2023
A New Star Trek Movie is in the works

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A New Star Trek Movie is in the works

Thanks to a concise note from today, fans worldwide now know the date of the release for the next Star Trek film — June 9, 2023.

According to the site’s brief statement, Paramount Studios unveiled the date for a new untitled Star Trek Universe movie on June 9, 2023. 

That was the extent of the announcement, which left many questions unanswered. One person, who is very much connected with the franchise, did let fans know his opinion. In an interview with, Zachary Quinto made a few statements about a forthcoming Trek film. Fans will recognize Quinto from the three Kelvin-verse Trek films as Mr. Spock.

“Honestly, I have no real idea what’s going on with Star Trek,” Quinto told [But] we all love each other, and we all love that experience and I’m sure if it comes back around and we’re all available, I’m sure we’d be happy to jump back on board.”

Though Paramount Studios’ announcement did not get into any details, we did report back in March that J.J. Abrams gave writing duties of a new Star Trek film to Kalinda Vazquez. That announcement, which was initially reported by Deadline with the note that Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot, would be involved in the film.  

Vazquez wrote two episodes of Short Treks and the Star Trek: Discovery episode “Terra Firma, Part 2.” 

Unfortunately, the statement from today made no mention of this earlier news, which makes it unclear if these are indeed the same projects.

Trek Movie Uncertainty

Since the release of 2016’s Star Trek Beyond, news of the “next” Trek movie has become something fans are used to. As noted before, Beyond underperformed at the box office. Seemingly, every few months, the media reports of a new project that will either extend the series started by Abrams and Bad Robot or create something entirely new. 

The first plan was letting writer S.J. Clarkson take the reigns of a Star Trek 4 film. This was the treatment that would have brought back Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk. Hemsworth appeared in the role for just a few moments at the start of Star Trek (2009) and has since gone onto worldwide fame in the role of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This idea didn’t get off the ground, as Chris Pine (James Kirk) and Hemsworth both left due to contract reasons. 

However, among the most talked-about Trek film ideas was the interest from internationally famous filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. His brand of on-screen violence would make for a definite change to what Trek fans are used to seeing. Tarrentino’s idea for a Trek film sounds a bit like The Original Series episode “A Piece of the Action.” That story centered around the crew of the Enterprise interacting with a New York-style mafia situation. 

This treatment of Trek did make the Kelvin Kirk (Pine) take notice. Pine was reported as saying a Tarantino-helmed Trek film would be “tremendously entertaining.”

Nick Meyer to the Rescue

Meanwhile, the man who many credit with saving Star Trek, writer and director Nicholas Meyer, also had a turn pitching an idea to the brass at Paramount. According to an interview with TrekMovie, Meyer said that this idea would not take place in the Kelvin-verse, which would mean that Chris Pine and the rest of the crew would likely not be involved. 

A different producer from The Wrath of Khan, Robert Sallin, has his own Trek film idea, which he told Den of Geek about in a lengthy discussion.

“I don’t have it completely written, but I have a lot of it written,” Sallin told writer Don Kaye in 2020. “I have a concept for another Star Trek feature that I’ve had discussions with Paramount about — at least on the phone. This one, I guarantee you is unlike anything that has been done in Star Trek, and it will be part of the canon, but they (the studio) don’t want to talk about it until they see what Noah Hawley does.”

Speaking of Hawley, the creator of the FX series Fargo was tied to Trek for quite some time. Fans never got a few details on his take, including that it would center on “a virus that wipes out vast parts of the known universe.” He is no longer connected to the franchise. 

Why Not Announce on First Contact Day?

Since the merger of Viacom and CBS, the rights problems that plagued the Star Trek franchise were supposed to be no longer an issue. Both the Paramount (films) and CBS (television) arms of Star Trek were supposed to be united together. Why then did this announcement come out a few days after Star Trek First Contact Day?

It could be that Paramount did not want to be drowned out in the flurry of announcements from the TV side — which there were many.

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