New WCTH Photos Hint at Lucas Opening Up More to Elizabeth

New WCTH Photos Hint at Lucas Opening Up More to Elizabeth

Crown Media

New photos for Season 8 Episode 8 of When Calls the Heart point to Lucas’ opening up even more to Elizabeth. Here’s what the new photos from Hallmark reveal about the couple’s future.

This article will have minor spoilers for one scene on When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 8. 

New Photos Reveal Lucas Will Invite Elizabeth to His Office

Crown Media

New photos from Season 8 Episode 8 of When Calls the Heart point to Lucas inviting Elizabeth into his office at the saloon, which would mark the first time the couple has spent time together there.

A photo released by Crown Media to the press before the episode aired shows a photo of Lucas’ office. It’s apparently lovingly used, with lots of supplies on his desk and three framed photos on the wall. There are also two framed photos behind him, along with a plant and a book that he appears to be reading. His shelves have a lot of knick-knacks on them. It’s apparent that the crew took a lot of time and thought when creating Lucas’ workspace.

But more interesting to fans is a reveal from Parade that shows Lucas inviting Elizabeth to visit him in the office. The reveal is found in a gallery of Parade-exclusive photos for the new episode. One fan concluded in a tweet that this must be an important “key scene” for the couple.

The two apparently spend a good amount of time together in his office, and Elizabeth gets a chance to look through his keepsakes that he keeps there.

One fan points out that Elizabeth and Lucas are wearing the same clothes in the office photos that they’re seen wearing in the promo videos for Episode 8.

‘Team Lucas’ Fans Hope This Means the Two Characters Will Have a More Solid Foundation

Team Lucas fans hope these photos indicate more good news for the characters, and that perhaps they will be finding surer footing in their relationship. One fan tweeted: “notice the door says Private…and he let her in! He brought her into his private life, just like she discussed last week.”

Another fan tweeted that in the side-by-side photo, they’re seen sitting very close and possibly holding hands again.

One fan observed: “And she’s looking at his pictures and things. A glimpse into his life!”

Another fan replied: “So meaningful. They are moving ever so slowly deeper into each other’s private domains. So lovely!”

Another fan wrote: “Elizabeth and Lucas in the office on the love seat. Biggest clue yet?”

It’s Still Not Clear Who Elizabeth Will Ultimately Pick

It’s still not clear who Elizabeth will ultimately pick in the end. The stars revealed to fans before the season began that there would be a lot of twists and turns along the way.

Kevin McGarry told Entertainment Tonight: “She’s being true to her heart when she makes it… There are more red herrings in this season than a zoo… You think it’s going one way and then all of a sudden it goes the other way. But then it’s back to the other way. And it’s all over the place. … Don’t think that you’ve figured it out until the very end.”

Chris McNally confirmed with Entertainment Tonight that fans are going to be kept guessing. He said: “This season has much higher stakes. It’s a very, a roller coaster of a season… It just keeps evolving and becoming more and more intense.”

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