New WCTH Sneak Peek Shows Lucas, Elizabeth & Nathan

New WCTH Sneak Peek Shows Lucas, Elizabeth & Nathan

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A new sneak peek for Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart” shows Elizabeth and Nathan at ease with each other, but some tension coming from Lucas. The clip doesn’t give Team Lucas or Team Nathan fans anything more solid to go on, but it does show there may be some tension to clear up with Lucas.

This article has minor spoilers for Season 8 Episode 11 in terms of one short video clip. 

The Clip Shows Lucas, Elizabeth & Nathan in the Same Scene

You can watch the clip in the tweet below shared by “Home & Family.”

The clip starts out with Nathan riding up to Elizabeth, and the two of them catching up on their conversation from the wedding reception, while Lucas watched from outside the saloon.

Nathan says to Elizabeth: “I wanted to tell you earlier just how much it means to me what you said at the wedding. You don’t blame me for Jack’s death.”

Elizabeth replies, “Well, I’m glad. And I hope we’re able to put this behind us.”

“Have a good day,” Nathan says, riding away. Then he calls out, “Oh and look, I found my glove.”

She laughs in response. But we see a clear shot of Lucas on the balcony watching them, obviously troubled by the exchange. He had just seen them holding hands during the wedding reception, and this seems to bother him even more, which is understandable.

Before he or Elizabeth might say something to each other, Henry stops by. Things between Henry and Lucas seem a lot better than they were when we saw the two get into a big fight during the bachelor/bachelorette party.

Henry says, “Lucas, I meant to tell you that Mike Hickham asked for a couple of days off.”

“It’s your company to run, Henry,” Lucas replies.

“He’s a good man,” Henry says. “I’d trust him with running the entire operation.”

“You do what you think’s right,” Lucas says.

“Afternoon,” Henry says.

Lucas clearly seems a bit morose, maybe contemplating Elizabeth and Nathan’s recent interactions.

The Interaction Follows Lucas Seeing Elizabeth & Nathan Holding Hands Last Week

This interaction follows the scene in Season 8 Episode 10 where Lucas saw Elizabeth and Nathan holding hands, and might have misinterpreted what he saw.

Throughout the reception, we didn’t seen Elizabeth and Lucas dance one time. Instead, Elizabeth asked Nathan to talk to her outside. She told Nathan that Jack would have taken anyone’s place on that mission, and she wanted him to know that she didn’t blame him for Jack’s death. Nathan took her hands, and Elizabeth didn’t pull away like she did at first with Lucas. When Lucas saw them holding hands through the window, he appeared upset. She was so intent on taking things slow with him, but then seemingly unbothered about holding Nathan’s hands, the scene was bound to cause questions for Lucas.

Kevin McGarry & Chris McNally Were Guests on ‘Home & Family’

Kevin McGarry, who portrays Nathan, and Chris McNally, who portrays Lucas, were guests on “Home & Family” the day after the latest “When Calls the Heart” episode aired. You can watch their entire seven-minute interview here.

During the interview, they talked about how the actors are good friends in real life. McNally also mentioned that Lucas’ mysterious days are behind him and ended in Season 6. He was simply mysterious back then because he was new in town and didn’t know who he could trust.

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