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Nfd Accident – Levi & Lainey Chisholm, son & daughter of Scott and Meagan Chisholm; the brother & sister of Connor and Charley Chisholm were involved in a serious accident on November 28th, 2020.

A gofundme account was created for them, according to Kristie Pritchard and 6 others, Levi & Lainey are beautiful, sweet, spunky, dancing, 22 month old twins. They are the son & daughter of Scott and Meagan Chisholm; the brother & sister of Connor and Charley Chisholm. On November 28th, they were involved in a horrific accident and were admitted to the ICU at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Chisholm family immediately engaged their family & friends to PRAY! Within a matter of hours, it became immediately and overwhelmingly apparent that Levi and Lainey inspired an international movement of powerful prayer. They have angels on Earth, all around, lifting them up and providing their family with the strength needed to survive this unimaginable tragedy.

While Lainey was discharged on December 6th and is expected to make a full recovery, Levi still has a long road to full recovery. He is miraculously breathing on his own, but he has severe brain damage. The Chisholms seek to reverse this damage with alternative therapies that have proven to be successful in other patients. Levi’s treatments will require a significant amount financial investment, both for the medical expenses and associated travel.

Prayer remains the absolute, one-and-only request of the Chisholms. They have selflessly not asked for financial support through this situation…only prayer. However, as awareness of Levi & Lainey’s fight has grown exponentially, so have the requests to provide incremental support. Go Fund Me provides an opportunity to converge and bring these generous offers to life. Funds raised will be used by the Chisholms to support the full recovery of Levi. Any funds not used for their recovery will be donated to families who need support following tragic accidents such as this one. This is a tremendously selfless demonstration from the Chisholms, one of giving back and paying forward the love & generosity they continue to receive.

Everyone who prays is asked to pray for Levi’s full recovery. Please, please do not stop praying for a miracle. We have HOPE and FAITH that Levi will be restored, such that he can rejoin his twin sister, Lainey, and his entire family in full health.