Niagara Falls Accident Takes a Female Victim: What Happened?

Niagara Falls Accident Takes a Female Victim: What Happened?

Over the past few hours, many have shared their concerns due to the tragic news around Niagara Falls Accident on December 8, 2021. Stay a little longer to learn about all that has been shared. announced: “A U.S. Coast Guard diver braved death Wednesday to enter a submerged vehicle stuck in rushing rapids just yards from the brink of Niagara Falls. It was unclear how the car got into the Niagara River.”

Niagara Falls Accident Takes a Female Victim What Happened

Following a tragic scene along the upper Niagara River has ended with taking one person’s life. According to Police and witnesses, it’s reported that one car was floating down the Niagara River shortly on Wednesday afternoon on the American side of the falls. 

It’s said that before the fall down, it became hung up on rocks just some 50 yards shy of the brink of the Falls. It’s also said that several people have seen the car enter the water between the vehicle and pedestrian bridges at Goat Island.

Jonathan Tavernari tweeted: “this is the America I grew up dreaming of immigrating to. People were working together, finding a way to help one another. Everyone who watches this will be grateful and proud of our first responders & rescuers. Why’s it so difficult to replicate this feeling?”

It’s seen that a diver in an orange suit was lowered from a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter down to the car while the helicopter’s blades whipped up the already strong river current. Stay a learn more about the victim.

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The victim of Niagara Falls Accident

Following the Niagara Falls Accident, it’s reported that a rescue swimmer was lowered down from the Coast Guard chopper. Apparently, the rescue swimmer was able to pull out the deceased driver from the vehicle.

Based on what Captain Rola has said, the driver is a woman in her 60s; however, nothing yet has been shared, clarifying her identity until family notification was made.

According to the latest reports, she was unresponsive as she was taken by ambulance once she was brought to land in a dramatic rescue.

Stephen T Watson tweeted: “Waiting at a scary scene at the American Falls. A car is in the Niagara River near the brink of the falls. No official word yet, but it is believed to be occupied. Unclear how it ended up in the water. (See it in the center of photo just above firefighter helmets.).”

He added: “Vehicle is about 100 feet from the Falls. Facing away from it. The trunk is open. The river washes over the top of the windshield. Current reaches to the bottom of side windows. Copter still hovering.”

One commented: “Everyone around here is wondering the same thing. This is above the falls, about 100 feet away, but they’re really isnt a road here? Pretty sure it’s right around where the magnifying glass is.”

Will Cleveland replied: “the Coast Guard is sadly reporting that the woman passed away at the scene. But it was truly incredible live coverage from @buffaloscribe.”

One wrote: “She may have had a heart attack or medical event prior to ending up in the water. That’s probably how she lost control & ended up there in the first place. So sad. Glad they got to her tho, shows their dedication & skills.”

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