Nicole Curtis Shows off Her Strength and Flexibility

Nicole Curtis Shows off Her Strength and Flexibility


Nicole Curtis shares video of her strength and flexibility.

HGTV’s Rehab Addict star Nicole Curtis displayed her strength and flexibility in a video post on Instagram.

The designer wrote, “When it rains in #la, I go a bit stir crazy. Wall may or may not still have footprints on it ☺️ btw-a year later, same crap weather 🤦‍♀️ I found something else to occupy my time though 😁”

It takes a good deal of upper-body strength to perform a handstand, even supported by a wall, let alone putting a shirt on while doing it.

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This feat had many of Curtis’ followers impressed.

One commenter responded, “Every time I see this video, I’m thoroughly amazed again by you! 😮”

Curtis gives followers insight into some of her daily activities via social media and it is easy to see and she’s become an inspiration to many.

While another added, “🙌 Talent comes in many forms. I could never do that, much less put on a shirt. ❤️”

And someone else wrote, “So strong… not an easy move 👏🔥😍”

Curtis has to be strong to pull off a move like that, but the strength displayed in her post did not happen over night. The HGTV star is an adamant runner.

Nicole Curtis’ Passion for Running Helps Her Stay Fit

Curtis shared with Runners World that her running journey started years ago with encouragement from friends.

Initially, the task was difficult, but she did not give up. “A lot of people lose faith right away,” said Curtis, “but I kept going.”

For Curtis, this activity became a reprieve from the stress of traveling and rehabbing homes:

I used to track my mileage and time, but after a couple of years of being obsessed with it, I stopped. I don’t take time off work, so running is how I treat myself. Whether I’m home or traveling, I like to run through neighborhoods. The hardest thing is trying not to stop and gawk. I’ll see a window frame and be like, “I need to duplicate that!” Old houses can be stressful. The run takes me back to where I started, and that’s soaking in these houses and their history.

Running is not just a part of Curtis’ fitness, it’s a way of life, “Every runner needs to have that moment when you let yourself run until you can’t run anymore. That’s how I live my life. There’s no finish for me.”

Will Rehab Addict Rescue Return for a Season Two?

Rehab Addict Rescue is Curtis’ return to TV after a two-year break. The eight episode series aired in early 2021.

Curtis took to social media took announce her new show, “THE OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT THAT 1. I wear this shirt A LOT and 2. JANUARY 28th you get to see us back!!!! When DIY historic home restorers need a hero…who do they call? Nicole Curtis to the rescue!”

Fans were excited by this announcement,

One person said, “Yay!!! I miss Rehab Addict so much! Kept me going while recovering from Covid Pneumonia!!”

This is certainly a statement people may be able to relate too. While on quarantining several of us searched for shows to binge watch. We even saw Curtis’ fellow HGTV star Jonathan Scott use his social media to ask for binge-worthy suggestions.

Another one of Curtis’ followers replied, “So happy you’re returning ‼️Love the realness of your show. Are you coming to my house? 💯💯💯💯”

HGTV has yet to announce the renewal of the series, but according to IMBD, viewers liked it. The series was rated 7.8 out of 10 stars, and with Rehab Addict already being a fan favorite, having aired from 2010 to 2018, these may be reasonable indications that the series will be renewed for a second season.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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