Nicole Harper Car Accident – Nicole Harper Arkansas Woman File Lawsuit Against Police

Nicole Harper Car Accident – Nicole Harper, a pregnant woman who Senior Cpl. Rodney Dunn claimed was speeding, slowed down, put on her turn signal to pull off (the shoulder is extremely narrow on this portion of the highway and she didn’t think it was safe to pull over there). In response Dunn speeds up and hits her in a maneuver that ended up flipping her car over.

Qualified immunity protects corrupt cops like Dunn. No honest police officer would ever need such a doctrine, only those who violate the constitutional rights of others would want it.

We need to end qualified immunity for corrupt cops and to prevent more police brutality. – Jonathan Brostoff wrote on Facebook

National Motorists Association wrote on Facebook: Arkansas Woman Files Lawsuit Hoping for Policy Change Surrounding Police PIT Maneuvers
Nicole Harper was driving home in July 2020 on I67/167 outside Jacksonville and was clocked by a state patrol officer for speeding. Harper pulled into the right lane, slowed down, and turned on hazards but kept moving since the shoulder was tight and she wanted to stop on a safer area. It was also night. After two minutes, the officer did a PIT maneuver, causing Harper’s vehicle to crash into a concrete median and flip. PIT stands for Precision Immobilization Technique which is used by the police to intentinally hit and spin out cars during chases. At the time of the incident, Harper was pregnant.
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