Nigeria can only develop if teacher quality improves

Nigeria can only develop if teacher quality improves

The Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (LASUBEB) has completed the final phase of training for 2,000 newly recruited Primary School Teachers on the integration of technological devices for instructional classroom delivery under the EKOEXCEL initiative of the state Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

According to LASUBEB, the training would not only empower and develop the newly recruited teachers and participating head teachers in their careers but also bring them up to speed with how knowledge is being impacted across other parts of the world by including technology in the basic education system.

EKOEXCEL is dramatically accelerating learning, 2 times more learning math and 3 more in literacy. The 2,000 teachers represent the final batch of teachers who completed their training in a session phased in 3 batches to comply with the State Governments Covid-19 regulations. The Lagos State Government has been forward thinking in terms of improving the skills and competence of teachers which has in turn lead to a better performance and understanding in pupils.

All participating teachers promised to implement all they have learnt in the classrooms, noting that the trainings will not only boost their confidence in the classrooms but also ensure their pupils gainfully engaged in school.

EKOEXCEL, which means Excellence in Child Education and Learning, is an educational transformation initiative of the present administration, which is aimed at bridging the gap in quality education delivery, through the use of technological devices such as teaching tablets and smartphones in public primary school pedagogy.


Lagos state is driving excellence in learning for all pupils across primary schools through EKOEXCEL. EKOEXCEL is an education reform programme that is successfully developing more highly skilled teachers; by training, supporting and motivating existing government teachers to succeed in their classrooms. Over 14 thousand government teachers are being re-trained and upskilled through EKOEXCEL.

Leveraging technology will enable teachers and head teachers to be more effective. They are also being supported through in-person and ongoing coaching.1016 head teachers will receive one-on-one coaching and support. The quality assurance team will be supported with digital tools.

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