Nigeria Seeks China’s Help To Tackle Insecurity

Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri


Nigerian author, Reno Omokri has condemned lazy women who like taking advantage of men.


According to him, only a lazy woman will see men with money as opportunities.


He added that wise women see men with prospects as partners.


The post he made reads;


“Lazy women see men with money as opportunities. Wise women see men with prospects as partners. The competition for men with money is fierce. The competition for men with prospects is not. Yet, it is men with prospects who become men with money.”


In another post, he advised ladies to stop searching for ‘already’ made men to marry. The post he wrote reads;


“Dear women,

Stop looking for a ready made man. He was made ready with the help of a wo man who saw his prospects when he had nothing. Leave him for her. Find your own man with prospects, and partner with him until his prospects turn to success.”


Social media users took to the reaction section to share their thoughts as well. Some of these reactions are;


@IsiAnthonia – How about men who wants a woman in their life because of what she can offer? What category do these class of men belong to?


@MDBonedon – Thanks Prof…

I also appreciate your efforts in speaking out loud against these babarians we have in the government

May God protect you and your family

Hope, our young Ebele is fine. My regards”


@Adaejiemeonu – What about male gold diggers? Men who want to marry a woman and control her resources. Talk about them sometimes, both genders have gold diggers.


@AbayomiGbade – No because of your person wey dey cook rice, him food don done. Focus on your beans no matter how long e take to done


See his post below: