Nigerian journalist returns lost $3,000 to owner

Nigerian journalist returns lost $3,000 to owner

Abdulkadir Shehu, a journalist with Progress FM in Gombe has returned the $3,000 he found along the road to the owner.

Shehu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that he had less than N2,000 on him at the time.

The pressman said when he found the money, he got a call from Kano that his son was sick and needed to be tested for kidney and liver diseases.

“They couldn’t go ahead because there was no money. My son is still under medical supervision”, he said.

Shehu stressed that poverty should not be an excuse to be dishonest, adding that Allah would judge him if he spent the money.

“In Islam, the Messenger of Allah told us that whoever finds a missing thing in the city, must seek its owner for a year.’’

Shehu recalled he was going to the office last Wednesday around 7am, when he saw an envelope on the road.

The journalist informed colleagues but didn’t disclose the amount and currency.

He later announced on the radio that whoever lost money along the area should call a mobile number.

“The owner called, cried profusely, described the location he lost the money, what the money was wrapped in, the total amount, and other details”

Shehu added that after the announcement, about 50 persons called to claim ownership of the money but none gave the actual figure.

Nigerian journalist returns lost $3,000 to owner