Nikki Bella Hits Back at Rumors She Vacations Without Artem

Nikki Bella Hits Back at Rumors She Vacations Without Artem


Season 29 of “Dancing With the Stars” is here, but one of the celebrity dancers will be kicked off after their first performance.

Former professional wrestler and current reality TV star Nikki Bella hit back at claims that she goes on vacation without her fiancé, “Dancing With the Stars” pro Artem Chigvintsev, and their baby.

During the April 28, 2021 episode of The Bellas Podcast, which she hosts alongside her twin sister Brie Bella, Nikki talked about the short trip the two had recently taken and how fans reacted to seeing her without her fiancé.

The former WWE star said that she flew to San Diego earlier in April 2021 to attend a meet-up with former co-workers and WWE pros. In the podcast episode, she said she and her sister hadn’t seen their old Hooters co-workers in over two years due to COVID-19.

“I was literally there for 24 hours, Brie was there for 48 hours,” Nikki told her audience.

Nikki Bella Says She Was Traveling For Work

Nikki explained that she wasn’t traveling just for fun, and she was actually away from her family for work reasons when she has to go somewhere.

“They don’t realize it’s for business and it’s a day,” she said. “I go there and back. I’m not going to bring my family across the country for a few days and get my baby on Eastern Standard Time when he’s Pacific Standard Time.”

She added that she didn’t think her Instagram followers who commented on the post are parents because of the way they spoke to her.

Nikki Bella Explains She Does Not Vacation Without Her Family

During the episode, Nikki Bella explained that she doesn’t go on vacations without her family and wouldn’t want to do that. She also cited that she liked having one parent stay at home with Matteo whenever possible rather than bringing the baby to different places around the country.

“No, I don’t do vacations without my fiancé and baby,” she said. “It’s not like, ‘I hate you, I’m leaving’ or anything like that. So for the haters and people who don’t understand: Artem and I have an incredible relationship and understanding of like, ‘Hey, if we can do these things and someone can stay home, let’s do that because it’s better for our baby.’”

She also chimed in on what it’s like to have her family in the public eye.

“Because I put my life on a reality show, people assume they know everything about my relationship, and this is one thing that I’ve realized about Instagram: when you don’t do certain things, people just make these assumptions of how your life is, like, ‘oh my gosh, she hasn’t posted him in like six of her posts, they’re getting divorced,” she shared.

The reality TV star added, “Actually what happens is we do so much that when we get alone time, the last thing we want to do sometimes is pull out our phones sometimes. We just want to make dinner and binge-watch a reality show.”

Nikki wrapped up the podcast by saying that she doesn’t understand why people choose to troll on the internet and said people should focus on their own lives.

“Dancing With the Stars” will return in the fall of 2021 for an all-new season. The new season will likely air starting in mid-September.

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