$NOT & Lil Skies Take A Joyride In Cole Bennett-Directed “Whipski” Video

$NOT & Lil Skies Take A Joyride In Cole Bennett-Directed "Whipski" Video

If you know, you know. $NOT has been buzzing hard for the last few years, becoming a viral underground sensation and recruiting fans to join his growing base. The 23-year-old rapper worked extensively with prolific videographer Cole Bennett last year on two music videos, dropping them back-to-back and earning lots of praise in the process. With his hoodie tied tightly over his face, the Florida-based rapper has become one of the rappers to watch for this year.

For weeks, he’s been hyping up the release of his next video “Whipski” with Lil Skies, which he worked on with Cole Bennett again. The video is finally out and it’s every bit as entertaining as you would have expected.

$NOT and Skies start off the video as auto repair shop employees before they attack their boss and take a van for a joyride. The whip breaks down though and their manager ends up catching up to them but there’s a problem– he’s wielding a flamethrower. The man burns their car before getting struck by a passing vehicle. A UFO then flies by before two alien girls offer them a ride. We’ll let you find out how it ends.

Check out the new video for $NOT and Lil Skies’s new song “Whipski” below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Black Panthеr, I’m the Killmonger
I’m the real monster, AMG with the Dodge Charger
I just want me a bad b*tch for the summer
Always on my bummer, I’m a real lover
How can I recover? I’ma have to suffer
F*ck that, grab the gat, I’m a gunner