Notre Dame Car Accident | Two First-year Student Died

Notre Dame Car Accident – We mourn with the family of those involved in a car accident which occured on Saturday where Two Notre Dame first-year students were killed and one sophomore was hospitalized.

The crash involving the University students occurred around 4 a.m., WNDU reported. The driver continued down the road after hitting the pedestrians before crashing into a house in South Bend.

The driver remained on the scene and cooperated with the police.

WNDU reported the two first-year students who were killed were both female, and the third victim was sent to the hospital in critical condition. University President Fr. John Jenkins was at the location of the accident.

“The University is working with local officials to notify the students’ families, so we urge you to avoid speculation and sharing information on social media,” Hoffmann Harding said. “Please help us ensure these students’ families and closest friends hear about their loved ones first. We will share more information with you as soon as we are able to do so.”

Hoffmann Harding said the University would share further information about a prayer service soon.

“Please pray for our students, their families and all who love them,” she said.

The email from Fr. John Jenkins reads:

“Dear Notre Dame students, we are deeply saddened to write with tragic news that two first year Notre Dame students were killed and one sophomore is hospitalized after being hit by a car last night. The accident occurred on Ironwood Road near Bulla Road in South Bend, and the driver remained at the scene.”