NYC Prep Update: Where Are They Now?

NYC Prep


NYC Prep

In 2009, Bravo graced viewers’ screens with an eight-episode series called ‘NYC Prep.” The show followed six teenagers who lived in Manhattan and documented their lives as they navigated going to high school and all of the drama that came along with living in New York City. “NYC Prep” was supposed to be a real-life version of the hit show, “Gossip Girl,” and featured stars Camille Isobel Hughes, Jessie Leavitt, Kelli Brooke Tomashoff, Sebastian Oppenheim, Taylor DiGiovanni, and Peter Cary “PC” Peterson.

“NYC Prep chronicles the lives of a group of privileged teenagers who are key players in Manhattan’s elite high school scene,” read Bravo’s description of the show. “Students who travel in packs – whether it’s on sophisticated vacations or to a townhouse for an exclusive midnight party, their lives intertwine as they network, shop, party, study, date and write college applications. Everyone’s beautiful and everyone’s connected.”

Although the show only lasted one season, it had a big impact on reality TV fans alike, leaving many of us wondering: what is the cast doing now? Here’s what you need to know about the “NYC Prep” cast in 2021:

Camille Isobel Hughes

Some fans may remember Hughes as the girl who wanted to go to Harvard University. So, did she end up going?

According to The New York Post, the star did not actually end up going to Harvard, and instead went to The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. Currently, the former “NYC Prep” star works at Arbonne, a skincare company, as a Senior Manager for Brand and Product Development.

And, no, Hughes didn’t end up marrying PC’s friend that she went on a date with during one of the episodes. According to People, in July 2020, Hughes announced on her Instagram page that she was engaged to a man named Michael.

“Easiest yes ever,” Hughes wrote in the caption, according to People. “Michael actually asked me months ago, after our first proposal trip was cancelled due to covid and he didn’t want to wait any longer. He put it in an Easter egg for me to find — which was so cute — but we kept it pretty secret until he could plan something ‘more official.’ On Saturday, Michael surprised me with a secret ‘quarengagement’ by proposing with a private chef and photographer.”

Jessie Leavitt

It looks like love is in the air for Leavitt, and no, she didn’t meet her husband at an Operation Smile event.

According to The Sag Harbor Express, Leavitt got married in June 2019 to a man named Jason Brown. The couple got married in The Hamptons, at The Parrish Museum in Water Mill, New York. Per the article, Leavitt graduated from The Fashion Insitute of Technology and works as a visual merchandiser for a “luxury brand” in New York City.

However, although Leavitt gained some fame from “NYC Prep,” it doesn’t seem like filming the show was one of her fondest memories. In 2009, after the show wrapped, Leavitt told The Wall Street Journal, “It was definitely an interesting experience. Some people said I am cross-eyed. I am obese. I look like a horse.”

Kelli Brooke Tomashoff

Gave Up On LoveProvided to YouTube by Ingrooves Gave Up On Love · Kelli Gave Up On Love Released on: 2011-04-12 Composer, Writer: Arianna Wilson Composer, Writer: Kelli Tomashoff Composer, Writer: Michael Grant Remixer: Steve Smart Remixer: WestFunk Auto-generated by YouTube.2014-09-28T19:07:37Z

After Tomashoff exited the show, she went on to have a music career as she had always wanted. In 2011, she debuted a song called “Gave Up on Love,” and even performed it at a few events, including Sundance. According to E! News, Tomashoff stayed local to New York and graduated college from The New School.

Sebastian Oppenheim

Out of all the former “NYC Prep” stars, Oppenheim is the one who has the most public life. Oppenheim is married to Skyler Bouchard, who is a cook and food influencer on Instagram. Oppenheim is often featured on Bouchard’s Instagram page, where she posts many updates on their life together.

After appearing on “NYC Prep,” Oppenheim went to The College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina, per his LinkedIn page. Currently, Oppenheim works as the Vice President of Growth at June Homes, which is a real estate company.

If you want to hear some more life updates from Oppenheim, the former star will soon be making a return to Bravo. On May 3, 2021, Oppenheim will be appearing as a guest on “Watch What Happens Live” for a special “blast from the past” episode at 10/9c.

Taylor DiGiovanni

Do You Know Who I Am? : Taylor from NYC PrepMovie regarding Taylor DG from hit series NYC Prep. Made by Jordy Fricka Fresh2010-05-19T15:24:51Z

While many of the other “NYC Prep” cast members seem to have an online presence, DiGiovanni does not. DiGiovanni was the only member of the cast who attended public school at the time, which was a large part of her storyline.

However, although DiGiovanni does not have much of an online presence anymore, there is a YouTube video featuring her and her friends called “Do You Know Who I Am?” which was posted in 2010. In the video, DiGiovanni is featured sitting on a couch in a tiara saying, “Do you know who I am?”

Peter Cary “PC” Peterson

When Peterson appeared on “NYC Prep,” he was the life of the party, and it seems like he is still keeping it going. According to Bravo, Peterson got married in 2018 to Esme Brown, whom he described as his “best friend.” At the time, his wife explained their relationship on Instagram as she posted pictures from their special day.

“Unconventional, yet unconditional,” Brown wrote on Instagram at the time, according to Bravo. “Married to my best friend. My soulmate. The person who never turned his back on me and vice versa. We have one life. Free yourself! P.S. We have never had sex. It’s pure friendship.” Tiffany Trump was also a flower girl at the wedding.

However, since 2018, it seems like things may have gone downhill for the two of them. According to a September 2020 report from The Sun, Brown filed for divorce from Peterson after two years.

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