Officer William Moore: Pennsylvania Cop Investigated [Video]

Officer William Moore: Pennsylvania Cop Investigated [Video]


Officer William Moore

A police officer in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania is under investigation following a video filmed at a restaurant, which went viral on Twitter. The video shows Officer William Moore confronting a man after receiving a report about a Black male smoking marijuana.

Moore was removed from the schedule pending an investigation into the incident, Mayor Barb Turiak told TribLive. He is being paid while on leave, the newspaper reported.

The incident occurred at G&G Restaurant in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania at about 8 a.m. Saturday, April 17, 2021. He was on leave by the following Monday, the newspaper reported. You can watch the video of the incident here or later in this post.

Video Claimed to Show Racial Profiling After a Police Were Called for a Report of a Black Male Smoking Marijuana

Vandergrift police Chief Joe Caporali told TribLive Moore responded to the restaurant for a report of a Black male smoking marijuana outside the restaurant. Caporali did not tell the newspaper who called 911. Moore told another officer on the video, “I already know who called.”

After the call, Moore approached Marcus Townsend, 20, of Vandergrift, and Townsend began filming.

The two minute, twenty second video shows Officer William Moore confronting a male. The video was shared on Twitter Saturday, April 25, and had more than 600,000 views that evening. On the video, Moore tells the man he was there because he was called there for him, and asks if he has any identification.

“No, I don’t have to give you ID,” the man replies.

“You do have to,” Moore responds.

When the man refuses to give him identification, Moore calls for backup. The man asks Moore to call his superior officer, to which Moore responds that he is a superior officer.

“My badge number is 4. Do you understand that?” Moore says.

Moore asks the man for identification several more times before telling him to get up and go outside. Moore also says several times he was called for the man.

“That’s not right, sir, and it’s all being recorded,” the man says.

The man gives him identification, and the man says he is being racially profiled.

“Oh yeah, racial profiling,” Moore responds sarcastically.

Moore says on the radio that the man is claiming he is being racially profiled.

“Everybody that knows me knows that I don’t care whether you’re white, brown or tan,” he says.

Officials Released Little Information on the Investigation or the Incident

Officials released limited information on the investigation into Moore or on the incident which spurred the investigation. They cited an ongoing investigation in response to questions seeking details.

“It’s an ongoing investigation, and I can’t comment further,” Turiak told TribLive.

Vandergrift Borough Council will decide whether Moore is permitted to return to work following an internal investigation into the incident, the newspaper reported.

“These allegations are being taken seriously by borough officials,” Caporali told the newspaper.

He did not give a timeframe for when the investigation would be completed.