Officials Announce Ronald DeFeo’s Cause of Death

Everyone is wondering how did a murderer, Ronald DeFeo Jr, die? He was a mass murderer who shot and killed his mother and father, two sisters, and two brothers inside their home. Ronald DeFeo’s cause of death isn’t revealed at this time.

He died while serving a 25 years-to-life sentence for the murders. This case inspired the book and movie “The Amityville Horror.”

Ronald DeFeo Jr., who served his sentence at Sullivan Correctional Facility in upstate Fallsburg, died Friday at the age of 69, New York State officials confirmed.

Murderer Ronald DeFeo Jr. died in prison

The State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision’s (SDCCS) spokeswoman said she could not immediately comment on the case.

DeFeo, who went by the nickname Butch, was eligible for a parole hearing in July. He was sentenced on six counts of second-degree crime for the killings, which took place on Nov. 13, 1974, inside the Dutch Colonial-style home in Amityville where he lived with his family.

Police said DeFeo had shot each of his family members with a 35-caliber Marlin lever-action rifle, shooting each of his siblings once and his parents twice inside their home on Ocean Avenue in Amityville, Long Island, New York, in 1974.

All six victims were later buried in St. Charles Cemetery in Farmingdale.

Ronald DeFeo’s Cause of Death Reveals

Officials said DeFeo was transported to Albany Medical Center and was pronounced dead on March 12 at 6:35 p.m. Ronald DeFeo Jr’s cause of death will be determined and announced by the Albany County Medical Examiner’s Office officially.

Mass murderer Ronald DeFeo Jr. died

The then-23-year-old killed his family members, who were all in bed at the time. His dad Ronald DeFeo Sr., 43, his mom Louise DeFeo, 43, and siblings Dawn, 18, Allison, 13, Marc, 12, and John, 9.

The patricide had claimed he killed his family in self-defense after hearing voices that they were plotting against him. A lawyer expert testified that while Ronald was an admitted LSD and heroin user, he was mentally normal at the time of the murders.

The mass murderer was convicted on Nov. 21, 1975, and on Dec. 4, 1975, and was sentenced to six accusations of 25-years-to-life by Judge Thomas Stark.

In 2016, the infamous five-bedroom, 3½-bathroom Colonial home where the bloodbath took place hit the market for $850,000 and went into contract months later.

A year after the slaughter, George and Kathy Lutz purchased the home, they claimed that they had been forced to leave the house after noticing “strange sounds, voices and green slime oozing from the walls,” less than a month after moving in.

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Why did Ronald DeFeo Jr Kill his Family?

When Ronald DeFeo Jr initially reported the deaths of his family, he ran into a local police station and claimed they had been shot.

He said an alleged hitman, Louis Falini, had murdered and claimed that he might be in danger, too. However, the next day, Ronald admitted to killing all his six family members himself.

In 2006, in a jailhouse interview, DeFeo Jr. claimed that he only killed his father and mother, and after that, his eldest sister, Dawn, because she murdered the other siblings before DeFeo killed her.

His initial trial defense was that he had heard his family’s voices against him. Some people outside of the case presumed this to mean that he had heard voices in his head due to the family home being haunted. Others figured that the voices he had heard resulted from taking LSD, which Ronald DeFeo had admitted to using.

Another possible reason he might have killed his family members was for a possibly sizable life insurance policy. At the time of their deaths, law enforcement reported that he asked how to get his father’s life insurance policy, which raises the theory that money might have motivated the killings.

While all of these reasons seem probable, nothing was officially confirmed.

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