Panic As Gunmen Abduct 18 Passengers Along Ibarapa Road


Prophet Ayodele


Nigerian pastor, Primate Ayodele Elijah has released new prophecies warning of impending doom to occur in Nigeria.


According to the founder and spiritual leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Nigeria will explode before 2023 if the issue of insecurity is not handled well. 


In a chat with Wale Lawal, the Prophet was gracious enough to squeeze to open up on what God is telling him regarding the many problems plaguing the country.


He said thus “I have said it before and I will say it again, President Buhari is a good person, but those around him are taking advantage of him because of his health challenges. Let’s face it, our president is sick and he needs prayers. He means well for Nigerians just like late Yar Adua. God is not happy that Nigeria is not moving forward. A lot of people are suffering. The new service chiefs too need our prayers. They need to be bold to face the many troubles and challenges ahead of them. And as for the new IG, he has been chosen for a reason. He must be prepared to shun tribalism, nepotism, favouritism, that’s what will make him to move forward. He will be able to achieve what his predecessors could not achieve by arresting Shekarau.

Truth is, if we don’t handle this issue of insecurity very well, Nigeria will explode before 2023. The government has failed those who voted for them and right now, the country is sitting on a keg of gun powder. If we’re not careful, things will get to a point where people will start stoning governors, ministers, house of reps and Assembly members, that’s what the Lord says and I stand by it anytime.

There is corruption in the security sector of the country and the national security adviser will have problems. So, to fight insecurity we have to first fight corruption. A new terrorist group will emerge and take over Africa, mark my words. It started from Burkina Faso, Togo, Niger Republic, Chad, it’s a new terrorist movement and it will be deadly. Seriously, we need God’s intervention before things get out of hand. I can tell you right now that the following states, Ekiti, Benue, Borno, Yobe, Jigawa, Kano, Kaduna, Nassarawa, Zamfara, Adamawa, Abuja and Kogi state, will face a lot of security challenges soon.

This will also include bomb explosions. Lagos state should be careful too because Boko Haram has infiltrated the South-west, including Lagos state, they’re only waiting for the time to strike. The CP Lagos state is doing a great job, I encourage him to stay vigilant and alert. The idea behind Amotekun is good, but I must warn our southwest governors that the moment they stop to fund these groups they will turn into another security challenge for the country.

The United States will need to be very careful because there will still be a lot more shootings in the country. And I can guarantee you that President Biden will perform better than Trump. But we still need to pray for Joe Biden’s health, he needs prayers in that regard. The US will embark on Police reforms. There will be climatic problems the world over. Israel will not change their headquarters again. All the pressure from Palestine will not see the light of day, that’s the truth. Let’s pray against crises in some African countries. I’m seeing crises in some African countries, I’m seeing an African president fall sick which, if care is not taken might lead to death. The president of Uganda, Congo and Cameroon must pray against ill health while others like Chad should also pray they don’t lose their presidents to sudden death as well. Uganda may also experience anarchy, they have to pray seriously to avert this. In Somalia, there will be a constitutional amendment for the purpose of elongating the tenure of the president which will trigger off protests and crises in Somalia.

Nigerians have to pray seriously because there will be mourning in the Villa. I don’t know what will happen or who will be mourned, but the people in the Villa need to pray hard. I still see a lot of police brutality happening and this will spark off serious protests again. The country needs to pray for peace because if we’re not careful, Nigeria can explode into anarchy. Like I said earlier, there will be attacks on churches and mosques and ethnic crisis will break out. I foresee gas explosions and more Judicial strikes taking place in the country.

Nigeria can win Cameroon 2022 if Amoju Pinnick listens to advice. Nigeria can get to the quarter-final of the world cup if they listen to advise. Football has gone beyond technical prowess alone, that’s why you see stronger teams becoming weak when they get to the field of play. If Amaju Pinnick listens to advice, then Nigeria will shine during his time. But if he doesn’t listen it will not go well. Amaju is a good person, he’s doing well, but he’s not following the right steps that will enable him achieve a lot for Nigerian football.

Insecurity/2023: Prophet Ayodele foresees mourning in Aso Rock, bomb blasts, PDP losing 2 govs, change of election date, others

For the country, we still need to pray very well against fire outbreaks, banditry, kidnapping and the sort. We must come up with better ways of tackling these issues. We must pray against another group of deadly cultists coming up in Lagos state, like the Badoo of those days. There will be some problems in the telecommunications sector. Let us pray we don’t lose any prominent personality in that sector or somebody falling critically ill, especially the man everybody respects a lot, the guru. The government is going to place a new order on the telecommunication process that will affect their data operations. We must pray that Nigeria’s satellite does not shift. There will be more networks around June, July, especially with 9mobile and Glo. Glo must be very careful and pray against blackmail.

We must pray against any sorrowful development happening within the telecom sector. GTbank will have a new MD. Polaris must be careful so they don’t have any crisis. Access Bank, Zenith and UBA must be watchful against attack. Eco bank too will experience positive development. Let all these banks pray they don’t lose any director or deputy director. CBN will lose a very prominent director too. Unity Bank needs serious because I can see a crisis looming in that bank. They need to be very prayerful. Our economy still needs prayers because there will be further hardship on the people. The government must do everything it can to turn things around.

We must put our Aviation sector in prayers and the government must increase the security in our airports. Let us also pray against assassination attempt or accident of any governor. There will also be defections of two major governors to the ruling party APC which will cause controversy. The Lord says I must warn Nigerians, Covid-19 is not yet over in the country, it will still strike one final blow by taking away one big personality but the truth is, Covid has come to stay (many will recall that Primate Ayodele said last year that soon, travelers would have to carry Covid-19 document along with other traveling papers certifying them Covid free before they can travel and it’s already happening.