Paula Monica Gimenez Death – Rapper Found Hanged at Home in Suspicious Death

Paula Monica Gimenez Death : Paula Monica Gimenez, a 21-year-old rapper known as “Gemma” or “Chiny,” was found hanged at her home in Posadas, Argentina, on December 25. Despite the fact that her demise was initially controlled a self destruction, it is presently being examined as a dubious passing, police stated, as indicated by nearby news source Infobae. The most recent advancement comes as new proof was found about Gimenez’s ex, 21-year-old Franco N., as indicated by The Sun.

Examiners found that Gimenez had spent the early long stretches of Christmas morning with Franco and different companions at a gathering prior to getting back to her home across the road at around 7 a.m., Infobae detailed. Her ex went with her, the source composed, and he remained with her for around 20 minutes prior to leaving.

Soon after, the host of the gathering and Franco’s companion, distinguished as Rodrigo, got a call from Franco requesting that he go mind Gimenez. Franco disclosed to Rodrigo that she’d sent him photographs of a blade and a noose and was taking steps to hurt herself on the off chance that he didn’t restore, Infobae detailed. Rodrigo entered Gimenez’s home and discovered the rapper hanged with a link, the source composed, yet couldn’t save her and reached the specialists.

After an Initial Investigation, Gimenez’s Death Was Ruled a Suicide But Has Since Been Relabeled as Suspicious

After Gimenez was discovered dead, police scrutinized the visitors at the gathering she’d went to before her demise just as her ex yet Franco was delivered a few hours after the fact, The Sun revealed. Infobae composed that Franco said he and Gimenez had been separated for a half year and she had every now and again took steps to hurt herself on the off chance that they didn’t reunite.

In view of their examination, Argentinian police initially decided that Gimenez’s demise was a self destruction. Be that as it may, right away subsequently, new data became known about Gimenez and Franco’s relationship just as some mysterious and concerning posts she’d made via online media where she said she “dreaded for her life” and was “under danger,” as per The Sun.

On December 15, Gimenez shared a few presents via online media where she said she “needed to be known for music and not for something terrible happening to her.”

Gimenez Shared Several Concerning Posts Before Her Death and Many People Said Her Relationship With Franco Was ‘Rough’ and ‘Harmful’

Gimenez was the mother of a little youngster matured around six from a past relationship however her girl had been going through the special seasons with her dad, Infobae composed. Over the span of their examination, police found that Franco had been compromising Gimenez and her girl through phony online media profiles and stated, “In the event that I see you close once more, you and your girl will think twice about it.”

Gimenez’s neighbors likewise said their relationship was “fierce” and “poisonous,” inciting Gimenez to consider a limiting request against Franco, Misiones Online detailed. The source likewise composed that a savage contention between the two was the explanation her little girl was in the guardianship of the youngster’s dad.

Some WhatsApp messages among Gimenez and another man, obviously a companion or relative of Franco, demonstrated that she had been requesting help managing Franco and that her dad was asking her to get a limiting request. She composed, as indicated by Infobae:

Sir, Franco was at my home as of late. He hopped over the entryway and hit against my entryway like a maniac. My father needs me to put a controlling request on him however I would prefer not. However, I will request that you please converse with him. My little girl wasn’t there today, however in the event that he does that again and my infant is there, I must report him. Please I ask you, I don’t need additional issues.

Despite the fact that specialists changed Gimenez’s case from a self destruction to a dubious demise, they have not yet shown whether Franco is a suspect. The examination is continuous, The Sun composed.