Philip Kreycik Missing Update – Philip Kreycik Found Alive and Safe?

Philip Kreycik Missing Update

Philip Kreycik Missing Update – Philip Kreycik missing in Bay Area, volunteers needed to help with search***

Philip Kreycik went missing midday on Saturday. He went for what was supposed to be a 45 minute run and did not return to his car. Bay Area volunteers with hiking experience are needed to help with the search. Several county police and search and rescue departments are involved. The first full day of searching is about to wrap up, but provided he is not found tonight, another round of searches will begin tomorrow (Monday) morning. If you are in the Bay Area and could help with the search, his family and friends would be tremendously grateful.

Where to go: Volunteer search coordination will begin again Monday morning at 9 AM. Foothill High School, 4375 Foothill Rd, Pleasanton, CA 94588.

Chris Soburn: 713-898-3236 (Philip’s friend)
Keith Kreycik: 404-827-8558 (Philip’s dad)

What to bring: Please see the detailed list below helpfully compiled by volunteer Christy Bentivoglio.

Keith and Chris acted as point people for volunteers today and will continue to do so tomorrow. If they do not immediately answer their phones, text them and they will call you back.

Thanks so much,

What to pack if you are volunteering:

• Wear long pants and hiking boots – if he fell off the trail, you’ll need to bushwhack and you don’t want poison oak, ticks, stickers, foxtails or to slip. Trail running shoes are ok but hiking shoes are best to go into a ravine or off trail.
*Bring a GPS device (phones work great) so that you can record where you’ve searched on the Strava app.

• I know many of us are trail runners, but this is not about covering the most miles – this is about hiking, stopping, calling, and listening. Call out his name and listen. Look down the creeks and ravines and anywhere you, as a trail runner, could see yourself falling. Hiking poles are also helpful for those steep edges. This is a VERY HILLY area!!

• Bring a WHISTLE! If you find him (or heaven forbid, find yourself in trouble), you can only yell for so long but you can blow that whistle much, MUCH longer. Three loud blasts on the whistle until you’re found.
• Bring an emergency blanket if you have one – it’s not just a blanket, it’s a tarp, it’s a shelter, it’s a signal to fellow searchers.
• Bring lots of water and electrolytes – keep yourself hydrated.
• Most importantly, NEVER BECOME PART OF THE PROBLEM! Take care of yourself, don’t go alone, and don’t take any chances.

Chris, the volunteer coordinator, has apparently also asked for folks who have e-mountain bikes and feel very comfortable riding them to consider bringing them to help with the search.