(Photo) Man United star Marcus Rashford makes his feelings on European Super League clear


The situation surrounding the proposed European Super League (ESL) is rapidly developing.

The biggest story in sport, specifically football, broke on Sunday afternoon – news that 12 of Europe’s biggest clubs are looking to form a ‘Super League’ has rocked the sporting world to its core.

Among those 12 European clubs are six from the English Premier League – Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

In what has been an unprecedented backlash, it is reasonable to suggest that the clubs involved could never have predicted such a unified show of force.

Several high profile figures within the game have already come out to condemn the plans, with fans equally as vocal – however, perhaps the most influential and powerful opposition comes in the form of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Despite what has been an extremely hectic 48 hours working on a hugely volatile story, although the situation still remains precarious, I believe the situation behind the club’s scenes does not align with the initial consensus that there was overwhelming support.

An extremely well placed and senior source has offered direct insight into what is currently happening behind the scenes at several of the English clubs.

There have been whispers circulating on Tuesday morning that at least one club of England’s ‘Big 6’ are now having ‘second thoughts’.

It is my understanding that Manchester City is in fact that club. I have been informed that the Citizen’s hierarchy is currently engaged in internal crisis talks discussing the possibility of withdrawing their name from the ESL’s proposal.

I have been advised that the club are likely to issue a direct and formal statement before Friday.

In addition to Manchester City, Chelsea’s standing within the proposal remains less than assured.

I have been made aware that Blues’ chairman Bruce Buck held an emergency meeting with the club’s senior men’s team shortly after the initial reports emerged on Sunday.

Buck, upon speaking directly with his players and staff, was met with intense opposition and unified discontent at suggestions Chelsea will become a founding member of the ESL.

Perhaps most interesting though, is the situation described behind the scenes at Liverpool.

The red half of Merseyside was the first ‘Big 6’ side to resume competitive action after the news broke. Their match on Monday night against Leeds United gave fans the first opportunity to hear directly from players as well as manager Jurgen Klopp.

The sporting world held their breath as Klopp began answering a series of questions live on Sky Sports.

Although Klopp’s answers were perhaps predictable and far from controversial, it has been important for fans to refrain from feeling frustration and instead try to understand the German’s extremely difficult position.

Despite Klopp’s recent public showing though, my source has revealed that the current feel inside Liverpool Football Club is very fractured.

I have been advised that behind the scenes at Liverpool, the club’s players, staff and Klopp himself are extremely vocal in their opposition.

Despite concerning rumours that the Reds’ boss may walk away from the club, my source believes there is in actual fact, a real possibility the well respected German will look to unify with fans in an attempt to spearhead a widespread movement to remove the club’s owners, FSG.

The final parting comment my source made echoed the thoughts of several fans and industry workers – the driving force behind forming an ESL, at least from the English game, is Manchester United.