PHOTOS: ‘Cobra Kai’ Actor Shares Wrap Party Pictures

PHOTOS: ‘Cobra Kai’ Actor Shares Wrap Party Pictures


The “Cobra Kai” cast talks at The Paley Center for Media in 2019.

After four months of shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, the filming of “Cobra Kai” season 4 has been completed. In celebration of the exciting milestone, Owen Morgan, who plays Eagle Fang Karate member Bert, took to Instagram to share cast photos taken at the season 3 wrap party. 

“Since season 4 has officially wrapped, here’s some pictures of our wrap party from season 3!” read a portion of the caption. 

The post included six photos. In the first picture, Morgan posed with William Zabka, who plays Johnny Lawrence, and Ralph Macchio, who famously portrays Daniel LaRusso. Nathaniel Oh, who plays Bert’s rival, Nathaniel, was also in the photo. 

The following image showed Morgan putting his arm around Gianni DeCenzo, who portrays Miyagi-Do student Demetri. In the third image, the young actor smiled at the camera while the show’s former stunt coordinator Hiro Koda stood next to him. The fourth shot showed the 17-year-old standing between Oh and Griffin Santopietro, who plays Daniel LaRusso’s son, Anthony. DeCenzo, Shawn Thacker, who plays an unnamed Cobra Kai student, and an unidentified actress also posed for the picture. One of the show’s creators and executive producers, Hayden Schlossberg, was featured in the fifth photo. The final image consisted of more “Cobra Kai” cast members standing together. 

Owen Morgan Is a Skilled Martial Artist

While Bert may not be known for his athletic abilities, Morgan has practiced martial arts since an early age. In 2019, the actor shared on Instagram that he received his black belt in karate.

“2 hours of karate.. and so finally got my black belt! 9 years have led up to this; and I couldn’t be more proud! #karate #blackbelt #allstar,” wrote Morgan in the caption. 

In an October 2020 interview, uploaded on the Cobra Kai Nation YouTube channel, the actor discussed how his family influenced his love of karate. 

“I’ve been taking karate for maybe 8 years now,” explained Morgan. “I’ve been doing it since I was pretty young which is pretty much the reason we signed up for [‘Cobra Kai’] in the first place because we knew it was a karate based show. Also our family runs a karate school so we were just thinking, well we run a karate school it would be fun if we went on this karate related show.”

The Actor Has Talked About the Show’s Stunt Work

While speaking to Popternative in January, Morgan commented on performing stunts on the show. He mentioned the massive fight that occurs in Daniel LaRusso’s house during the season 3 finale. 

“It was so insane and it was so fun too. We spent all day working on that fight scene. It took so long for us to do but I’m really glad with how it turned out,” said the actor. 

He also revealed that his stunt double took over during the more dangerous action sequences. 

“The choreography was really complicated there was a lot of switching out between actors and stunt doubles when the camera would turn actors had to hide in different places — like that was not me and Nate [Oh] getting thrown into a Christmas tree that was our doubles. As soon as the camera turned we had to like run behind the set or something while the others came out and they got thrown into the tree,” said the actor. 

To see more of Morgan, check out “Cobra Kai,” available to stream on Netflix. 

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