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Plussy Knight Death | The twitter community and fans of Ethan are currently mourning his death.

Plussy Knight, which real name is Ethan cause of death his Covid-19. His last tweets reads;

This is probably my last Tweet. Things aren’t looking good for me at all, and I don’t wanna let people think I’m alive and kicking after not saying anything. If anyone wants to carry on my legacy of PlussyKnight you can DM me and I’ll give you the password. Love everyone, and bye

Plussy Knight is Dead, his mother confirms it, apparently 1 hour after his last tweet;

This is Ethan’s mother, he just passed away a few minutes ago. His last words were “Loved this world until this year.” He told me to get on Twitter and let you all know, because “It’s awful if they don’t.” I hope this is the right account, I don’t want to say this again.

No more information has been provided, friends, family and loved ones are devastated on hearing about his passing;

I’m so sorry, we all loved him, and I wish there was something I could do besides give my deepest condolences. I am so, so sorry for you, and I would just like you to know that he was loved by all of us, he was funny, kind and smart. We will all miss him dearly. Love, the Plussys

Upsilonrad Wrote;

I have your heart and his soul in my mind. May it be that he finds his way in heaven, and in my belief may he be resurrected and his soul Live on. Maybe unto the next life he is but the memories we have of him will never fade. May the good times be remembered and cherished

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