Popular Foods With More Vitamin C Than an Orange — Eat This Not That – What We Know!


When you’ve gotten a chilly and your immune system is down, you probably attain for a glass of orange juice, proper? Oranges—together with different citrus fruits—are all the time marketed as being excessive in vitamin C, some of the distinguished nutritional vitamins you want in your weight-reduction plan. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and an antioxidant that may assist enhance your pores and skin and hold your immune system wholesome. Based on the Indian Journal of Medical Biochemistry, vitamin C has additionally been confirmed to be helpful for lowering the danger of creating power illnesses like most cancers, atherosclerosis, diabetes, neurodegenerative illness. And….scurvy.

So naturally, individuals attain for an orange (or orange juice) once they assume they want somewhat immunity enhance of vitamin C. The Beneficial Each day Quantity (RDA) for vitamin C is round 90 milligrams, with a restrict of two,000 milligrams a day. And whereas consuming an orange does get you nearer to your RDA for vitamin C (round 70 milligrams per one medium orange), it doesn’t fairly get you there in comparison with another well-liked meals it’s possible you’ll know, which simply get your vitamin C RDA in only one serving.

We took a take a look at the dietary info for various vitamin C-rich meals to find out which well-liked meals do have extra vitamin C than an orange, and the outcomes might shock you. So in the event you’re getting sick of consuming orange juice once you want an immunity enhance, listed below are the meals you can eat as an alternative. Then, make sure to take a look at The #1 Finest Juice to Drink Each Day, Says Science.


One medium kiwi = 71 mg, 79% RDA

Though the quantity of vitamin C in a single medium kiwi is near consuming an orange, this fruit is considerably smaller—that means you may simply eat two of them and double the quantity of vitamin C you might be consuming.


One cup, chopped, uncooked = 80 mg, 89% RDA

Consider it or not, kale truly has extra vitamin C than an orange! Kale is a cruciferous vegetable, and quite a few cruciferous greens are identified to have excessive quantities of vitamin C.


One cup = 89 mg, 99% RDA

That’s proper—the mighty little strawberry has extra vitamin C than an orange! One cup of strawberry halves will give you nearly your complete RDA of vitamin C, together with different robust antioxidants that assist beat back the event of power illness.

brussels sprouts

One cup, cooked = 98 mg, 109% RDA

Together with kale, Brussels sprouts are one other cruciferous vegetable that’s loaded with vitamin C. Add one cup of cooked Brussels sprouts to your dinner plate to meet your vitamin C consumption for the day, whereas additionally getting a lift of fiber, vitamin Ok, folate, potassium, and extra.


One cup, cooked = 102 mg, 113% RDA

One other vitamin C-rich cruciferous vegetable so as to add to your plate! One cup of broccoli will provide you with your vitamin C RDA for the day. Research even present that consuming cruciferous greens recurrently may also help lower oxidative stress and reduce your threat of creating most cancers.

mustard greens

One cup, uncooked= 195 milligrams, 216% RDA

In case you’re a fan of mustard greens, then you’ll love the truth that one cup of your favourite inexperienced dish can truly present you double the quantity of vitamin C you want for the day! Nonetheless, cooking mustard greens does decrease the quantity, however one cup of cooked mustard greens nonetheless offers you 117 milligrams, which is 130% of your RDA.

yellow bell peppers

One cup = 275 mg, 305% RDA

Yellow bell peppers—actually? Sure, one cup of sliced yellow bell peppers will give you a whopping 275 milligrams of vitamin C in a day. Sorry orange, but it surely’s time for a brand new vitamin C queen to take the throne.

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