PopularMMOs Biography And Net Worth

PopularMMOs is an online personality of a popular American YouTuber and gamer who is only known by his first name, Patrick.

PopularMMOs was born on November 25, 1988, in the city of Connecticut in the United States of America.

Patrick is a graduate. He earned an undergraduate degree in psychology from a prestigious institution.

He joined YouTube and started his channel, PopularMMOs in April 2012 for the purpose of gaming.

His earliest videos featured the games RuneScape, Atlantica, Tera, Rift, World of Warcraft, and more.

After two years of creating his channel, the channel gathered 1 million subscribers. However, in subsequent years, the channel grew tremendously.

Currently, PopularMMOs has amassed 17.3 million subscribers and close to a billion views.

In 2015, Patrick married a fellow YouTuber and frequent gameplay collaborator GamingWithJen but the couple divorced in 2019.

Though originally from Connecticut, currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

PopularMMOs Net Worth

The astute gamer has made huge earnings from his career. He has an estimated net worth of $41 million.