Property Brothers Star Reaches out to Fans Looking for Suggestions

Property Brothers Star Reaches out to Fans Looking for Suggestions


Jonathan Scott asked fans for recommendations on binge-worthy shows.

Property Brother’s star Jonathan Scott posted a Throwback Thursday image on his social media page asking fans to text him recommendations for a show to binge-watch. He even included his phone number.

In the photo, we see Scott and his twin brother Drew sitting on their bikes, looking much like extras from the Netflix series Stranger Things, as the contractor puts it.

“#StrangerThings extras…or us in 1983? 🤣 I’m in the mood for a new show to binge on. Text me some recommendations. Don’t have my number yet? Here ya go: 702-707-6046. And, yes, it’s really me! #TBT.”

The post generated several interesting responses from fans. Some of them thought it was actually an ad from the popular Netflix series.

One person wrote, “I had to do a double-take before I thought it was a strangers thing ad 😂.”

While another added, “Literally thought this was an ad for the new season of stranger things and got excited 😔.”

Scott’s older brother JD Scott responded to the post as well, “Yep, Jonathan and Drew are certainly stranger things. 😂.”

Several people replied with various emojis, while others gave Scott their suggestions.

One commenter added, “Startup‘ or ‘Pennyworth’ both on Amazon Prime 🙌 📺.”

And another posted, “Superman and Lois or Black Lightning both great.”

In Case You Need a Refresher, Here’s a Look at The Property Brothers

Property Brothers has been an HGTV staple since 2011, when it first aired. After 14 seasons, the premise of the series has changed very little.

The show follows the brothers as they use their industry know-how to help families find a home that can be remolded to suit the buyer’s needs and budget.

In the early seasons, each episode would begin with Drew wowing the homebuyers with a grand property that meets every item on their checklist. The prospective buyers would soon become disappointed as he reveals that the home was outside of their budget.

In season six, a slight tweak occurred to the structure of the show. Drew now explains to the homeowners that the property outside of their budget serves the purpose of inspiration instead of teasing what they could not have.

After Drew shows the family several properties, they make a final decision. Once the purchase process is complete, Jonathan and his team begin renovations. The family is kept away from the home, and once the remodel is done, they are brought back for the final reveal with both Jonathan and Drew.

Jonathan Scott is Multi-Talented

Scott is not only an HGTV personality, but he’s also an actor, visual artist, and film and television producer.

He is known best for his role on HGTV’s Property Brothers as he co-hosts alongside his brother and real estate expert Drew. The success of the show created spin-offs, like Buying and SellingBrother Vs. Brother, and Property Brothers: At Home. Scott also co-owns an entertainment company, Scott Brother Entertainment. The company produces TV, film, and digital media.

According to Glamour, Scott uses his visual art skills on Property Brothers. He was inspired by the illusions of David Copperfield and Siegfried and Roy.

Scott explains,

The 3D designs we use on the show are what I see in my head when we walk into the space. Ever since I was a kid and watched magicians on stage, like David Copperfield or Siegfried and Roy, I instantly knew how they did everything. In my head, it just all worked. I used to design my own illusions, designed them, and did all the woodworking myself. For me, it’s like telling a story. I think that’s why we do well with Property Brothers. It’s our charisma with each other and with the audience. We’ve always been great storytellers.

Scott starred in Breaker High with his twin brother, a Canadian Series, and he appeared on The X-Files. From here, along with his brother, he went into real-estate:

During university we did our very first property, ended up flipping it—before flipping was a trend or cool. We did ended up making about a $50,000 profit. We thought this was something, while still in college. We went back to school for construction and design, and our company exploded and we were approached to do Property Brothers.

While I haven’t texted Scott, he may want to binge-watch, The Big Bang Theory on HBO Max.