Rajon Rondo of the Los Angeles Lakers in Hot Water After Video Released of Parking Lot Dispute

Rajon Rondo Injury Update

Rajon Rondo has wound up in a touch of boiling water over an off-court discussion, which took another turn after video was delivered demonstrating the Atlanta Hawks watchman and his better half in an encounter with a lady in a parking structure.

Rondo — who is new off winning a NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers — was seen obviously prodding the lady and afterward remaining by his better half as she punched her in the face on numerous occasions. The casualty didn’t retaliate in the video and was distinguished by TMZ as Toktam Jorshari. She is suing Rondo and his better half for $1 million because of the episode.

Rajon Rondo Accuser Punched In Face By NBA Star’s Girlfriend | TMZ SportsRajon Rondo appeared to nudge a woman into a car and then stand by as his girlfriend punched her in the face … new video obtained by TMZ Sports shows. SUBSCRIBE — http://tmz.me/j0hSW37 About TMZ Sports: Some of the best stories in sports have been off the field and we’re reporting on athletes from NFL,…2020-12-22T23:46:41Z

Rondo was reportedly dating Latoia Fitzgerald after winning the NBA title, but it’s uncertain who the woman in the video is. She hasn’t been identified by any reliable outlets reporting the story.

Altercation Was Result of Parking Dispute

The contention was supposedly over stopping, with Rondo’s portrayal saying that Jorshari was not wearing a cover and stopped excessively near his Rolls Royce SUV.

“The offended party decided to leave her vehicle two crawls from Mr. Rondo’s entryway, and the offended party was not in an allocated parking space. The offended party would not wear a veil during a short 30 second experience, and furthermore wouldn’t move her vehicle,” legal advisor Mark Baute told TMZ. “The offended party and Mr. Rondo’s sweetheart had a horrendous experience that kept going around 10 seconds, and Mr. Rondo attempted to keep them from any further communication, which was off-kilter because of (a) his thumb being broken, and (b) the offended party not wearing a veil.”

Baute has called the case meritless and said they intend to battle it instead of settling. Eddie Tehrani and Arnold Gross, the portrayal for Jorshari, have a remarkable inverse story.

“In the NBA, pointless and exorbitant contact is viewed as a Flagrant 2 foul, which can bring about a fine, discharge and conceivable suspension of a player. Outside the NBA such direct is viewed as a threatening behavior. No man should actually put their hands on a lady, particularly a NBA b-ball player with prevalent stature, and strength. The video justifies itself.

“The respondents want to determine this issue and we will be anticipating attempting this case and getting a good decision by a jury of her friends.”

Rajon Rondo Out For Hawks Opener

Rondo left the Lakers this offseason, marking a two-year, $15 million arrangement with the Hawks. Rondo was happening to a solid postseason run where he arrived at the midpoint of 24.7 minutes in the postseason, bouncing back from a cracked thumb he endured during a training in the air pocket.

He set up 8.9 focuses, 6.6 helps and 4.3 rebounds in the end of the season games. His initiative and capacity to make plays with the subsequent unit helped the Lakers reverse the situation in a small bunch of games.

However, Rondo will have to wait a bit to make his debut. The veteran guard reportedly attended a funeral and will have to clear the league’s COVID-19 protocols before being able to join the team. Rondo is listed as out for the Hawks opener on Wednesday against the Chicago Bulls.