Randy Tonche is NOT Dead – Randy Tonche is ALIVE

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Randy Tonche is NOT Dead – Randy Tonche is ALIVE

Randy Tonche is NOT Dead, he was talking about the death of his beloved one Steve Nicholson. He is very much alive.

Being in the line of work I am in, I am given the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people that have had a huge impact on others as well as the community…
Today I woke up to some devastating news about Steve Nicholson…He has left us to join our father in heaven..
Now I don’t know Steve extremely well like a lot of Amarillo natives do.. But when I met him for the first time a couple years ago, I was extremely thankful and blessed for our paths crossing..
There are certain people you come across that you don’t care to meet again based upon on that first interaction, then there are those few that you hope to run into again because of the positive influence and pure joy they brought to you..
You changed a lot of lives Steve and I only think you will continue to change more as your legacy carries on with each and every person that tells your story and how you impacted them… You were a man of God, a amazing husband and father, and such a positive influence for others to follow in our community or whoever you came into contact with.. We are all sad and hurt because you are no longer with us, but you will forever be apart of us…
Heaven gained a very special person today… Rip Steve…

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