Rashod Bateman Pledges to Help Lamar Jackson Any Way

Rashod Bateman Pledges to Help Lamar Jackson Any Way


Rashod Bateman looks on during a game vs. Illinois.

The Baltimore Ravens added Rashod Bateman to the team, and immediately after the pick was announced, thoughts shifted toward what he would bring the roster.

Obviously, the Ravens needed another wideout in a big way. But what can Bateman himself bring to the mix for Lamar Jackson and company? That’s a question that is easily answered when talking to the player himself.

Friday, Bateman made his Ravens debut and was asked specifically about what he hopes to bring to the mix. The answer? Anything his new team and quarterback happen to need.

He said:

“Everything he needs. I feel like I’m an all-around receiver. I proved I could play on his side, on the slot. At the same time I just want to be what’s best for him and what’s best for the team. So whatever position that may be, I’m just happy to fill that role.”

A player who is the total package would be perfect for the Ravens, and Bateman’s attitude about doing whatever is needed is also welcome. That’s the kind of thing a rookie needs to come in and do. Certainly, with the skills he has shown, Bateman is right to think that he can do anything he is asked to in order to help the team.

Bateman Excited to Join Ravens and Jackson

It’s a great fit for the Ravens to add a solid wideout, but also a great fit for Bateman to join the franchise given the fact that the team has one of the most exciting young quarterbacks in the game in Jackson. That’s a fact that was not lost on the wideout as he joined the media Friday and admitted things were starting to set in for the first time.

In fact, Bateman is very excited to join the team that has Jackson in the fold given what he can do to help take the situation to a new level.

He said:

“I’m looking forward to playing with Lamar. I’v seen the offense over the past year, I’m, excited what this offense can do. I’m just happy to be a part of this offense. I feel like it’s very explosive and we can continue to go to higher heights.”

Obviously, every young player that comes in thinks he is going to be a part of the answer, but it’s nice to hear Bateman is humble and ready to work with a player he has watched and monitored.

Bateman’s Stats and Highlights

It’s true what is being said about Bateman and he is a player who could be a major difference maker for a team that takes a chance on him in the draft. While at Minnesota, Bateman put up solid numbers, with 2,395 yards and 19 touchdowns. As a result of this work in college, Bateman is seen as a potential stud in the making for teams in the draft, and could be a good alternative further down the board in the first round where the Ravens are slated to pick this season.

Bateman has proven himself the biggest weapon in Minnesota the last few seasons with plays like this:

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Now, he will be turning those plays in for the Ravens, and it is refreshing to hear his upbeat attitude for the team.

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