Ravens Ask About Julio Jones Trade But Deal May Be Tough

Ravens Ask About Julio Jones Trade But Deal May Be Tough


Julio Jones stretches on the field before a Falcons game.

The Baltimore Ravens have some extra draft picks to play with when the 2021 NFL Draft begins, but perhaps the biggest level of intrigue revolves around whether or not the team will make a big trade for a wideout.

While the Ravens could be expected to prioritize a pick at wide receiver, the possibility is also there to trade for one. Julio Jones could be on the market and could be of interest to the Ravens, who have reportedly been calling. Still, Jay Glazer of Fox Sports isn’t sure a deal gets done considering the contract issues Jones presents.

Speaking on Instagram, Glazer was asked if Jones gets traded. He said he doubted it, but the Ravens had asked. The contract could prevent it, however.


He said:

“I doubt it. I think the Ravens were the ones who kind of really asked about them, but I just don’t see it happening. It’s just such a big contract to actually trade.”

Even in spite of the doubts of some, others believe the Ravens have been at least calling and talking about a deal. Rumors of the team making calls to the Falcons have intensified in recent days.

Combine all of this and it’s clear to see that the Ravens seem extra motivated to get something done. Whether or not they can remains anyone’s guess, but it’s more than possible they could be the team with the biggest eyes on Jones during this part of the offseason.

Jones’ Career Stats

Adding Jones to the mix would undoubtably be the power move Baltimore had in mind. In terms of a decorated option at the position, there’s been few better through the years than Jones. At 32, he is beginning to age a bit but there has been massive production through the years for the Falcons to rely on. Jones has put up 12,896 receiving yards in his career to go with 60 touchdowns. More than that, he has been a seven-time Pro Bowl player, a two-time first-team All-Pro, a two-time leader in NFL receiving yards and has played in the Super Bowl. It feels like forever ago that Jones was the sixth pick in the 2011 NFL Draft out of Alabama, and he has been a model of consistency during his time in the league.

Analyzing Jones’ Potential Fit With Ravens

So what’s next for the Ravens the rest of the offseason? They still need a wideout to help the offense, and that’s true even after the team has beefed up their offensive line as well as the tight end spot and kept some of their defensive stars in-house. Baltimore signed Sammy Watkins, but one more elite pass catcher could be a great move for the team to help come in and expand the offense for Lamar Jackson and company. The team hasn’t been able to get elite play from anyone at the wideout spot the last few years, so the pressure is on to add as many weapons as possible this offseason. Jones would be a good move with this in mind.

In free agency, the Ravens were turned down by some of their bigger-name targets, so striking a trade could be the next best option for a team that is flush with picks and the ability to make something happen. If Jones was the preferred move, it would be hard to disagree with it from the Baltimore perspective thanks to the play and leadership he’d bring to the team.

Trading for Jones would be a win for the Ravens but can they facilitate a deal?

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