Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Hit With New Copyright Lawsuit

Ravens’ Lamar Jackson Hit With New Copyright Lawsuit


Lamar Jackson firing a pass against the Titans.

It’s been a quiet offseason for Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens, but suddenly, it’s set to see a bit of intrigue in terms of Jackson.

The quarterback is reportedly facing a brand new copyright infringement lawsuit from a man named Richard Barnes which alleges that Jackson used several of his images back to a Louisville game without his consent.

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This lawsuit was revealed in a brand new release on Monday.

It is a complaint in Florida and a demand for a jury trial which will be interesting to see if happens. Right now, the COVID-19 pandemic is hampering how the courts can operate in many cases, which could drive this case to be settled in the end. For now, though, the suit wants to see a court trial with a jury.

Jackson Sued Amazon Similarly Last Year

This isn’t the first time Jackson has been involved with legal matters. Just last year, Jackson was aggressive himself in a similar way against the use, and has been very aggressive himself in marketing and making sure the right folks use his likeness and image. As a result, a court battle is set to brew between Jackson and the Goliath Amazon over just that.

According to TMZ, Jackson reportedly had sued the retail and entertainment business over claims that vendors on the site are allegedly selling items that make illegal use of his image and likeness without permission. Here’s a look at what the TMZ piece said at the time from last March:

“Jackson — according to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports — says on Amazon’s marketplace, 3rd party vendors are selling T-shirts and hoodies that he claims the company shouldn’t be allowed to sell.

The Baltimore Ravens QB says he’s seen Lamarvelous shirts, Action Jackson tees and Not Bad For A Running Back hoodies — among other items — that all “pirate” his brand and “use his name, likeness, image and persona for commercial gain without permission.”

As for the case itself, a breakdown of what was expected to happen came courtesy of a piece by Michael McCann of Sports Illustrated. McCann lays out what is going on in the case and the possible ramifications, and comes to the conclusion that a potential settlement could be likely.

“Jackson’s case could take time to play out. Like courts across the country, the Miami federal district court has issued restrictions that might slow litigations in hopes of keeping people safe and helping to curb the coronavirus disease pandemic. Also, like most civil litigation, the odds are heavily against Jackson v. Amazon going to trial. The two sides will probably work out a financial settlement. We’ll keep you posted.”

The lawsuit never ended up going to trial and it is likely it was settled in the way McCann and others had expected, but it shows that Jackson has been no stranger to legal issues in the past himself in terms of image and likeness.

Jackson One of NFL’s Most Marketable Players

It’s not a shock whatsoever to see these controversies following Jackson early in his career. He is one of the most marketable players the NFL currently has, and as a result, will always be seeking to boost his own image and likeness or get more out there in terms of branding. When this happens, there’s going to be lawsuits and events that come up and this is likely another such case of that playing out in a big way.

Stay tuned again to see how this case may play out in the weeks and months ahead.

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