Rayshard Brooks Death – Dead: Rashad Brooks Death

Horace Clarke Death

Rashad Brooks Death – A video surfaced online showing the brutal killing of a man called Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta. He died June 12, 2020.

Here is the video from last night’s so-called “unarmed” shooting of a black man in the city of Atlanta.

See him turn around and point a weapon at the officer?

The Left is doing whatever it takes to start a race war, including lying.

Please pray for #Atlanta tonight! The situation is combustible! The @wendys that #rashadbrooks was murdered in is now enflamed! The family is asking for peace! Let us meet on state capitol Monday 9am to demand better…

#DEVELOPING: Georgia Bureau of Investigation releases Wendy’s surveillance video of the moment police say Brooks had taken an officer’s taser and pointed it at the officer as he ran.

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