Reality Steve Slammed for Past Treatment of Jade Roper

Reality Steve Slammed for Past Treatment of Jade Roper

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Jade Roper.

Reality Steve, whose real name is Steve Carbone, is in hot water after being called out by former “Bachelor” contestant Bekah Martinez. On April 20, Bekah and Jess Ambrose discussed Reality Steve on their podcast “Chatty Broads.”

Bekah and Jess discussed some of Steve’s “terrible past blogs,” in which he wrote negatively about women who were on the “Bachelor” franchise shows. The two podcast hosts said that they were “nervous and anxious” to discuss Reality Steve’s past behavior because he “holds a lot of power” and can easily find scoop on people, which can be damaging.

Nevertheless, the women dove in, highlighting some of what they called “extremely problematic” and “extremely biased towards women.”

One of the women that Steve was particularly insensitive towards was Jade Roper. Jade was introduced to the world on Chris Soules season of “The Bachelor.” When Reality Steve wrote about her, he didn’t always have positive things to say, and he often referred to her Playboy photos as a baseline.

In one blog, Steve allegedly wrote “oh, if Chris only knew then what experience Jade had testing out beds.”

In another blog, he allegedly wrote, “You know, if I hadn’t already seen Jade’s lady bits everywhere on the internet already, I’d say that maybe she was interested in just talking to Chris and getting to know him while laying down on her back half naked.”

Steve has also been hyper-critical of Jade’s relationship with Tanner Tolbert, and was adamant that the two wouldn’t last. Jade and Tanner fell in love on “Bachelor in Paradise.” They got married in 2016, and have three children together.

You can see a compilation of some of the other things that Steve has said about Jade here.

Steve has been accused of “slut-shaming” Jade in the past, and now, amid other controversies within Bachelor Nation, Steve’s past is coming to light once more.

Here’s what you need to know:

Reality Steve Issued an Apology on Twitter

After these past blog posts were surfaced on “Chatty Broads,” Reality Steve took to Twitter to issue an apology, and to let everyone know that he has changed.

“Wanted to address my past writings that were brought to light again today on a podcast. There is/was no excuse for them. I’m embarrassed I thought that way, I’m embarrassed I wrote it, and ever since, I’ve done whatever I could to change that line of thinking,” Reality Steve tweeted.

“Those that have followed me in recent years have recognized the change in my blog, in my tweets, and on my podcast. While it should have been removed earlier, they are currently being removed from my site. I have never shied away from acknowledging these writings and will always apologize for them. I do not think that way anymore & I hope my behavior in recent years has proven that. I’m sorry to anyone who had to read those things. I am and will continue to do better,” he concluded.

Reality Steve’s Twitter apology wasn’t well-received amongst Redditors.

“Notice how the only semblance of an apology from RS was to the “anyone who had to read that”. Not a single apology to any of the women he demeaned and degraded,” one Reddit user pointed out.

“Officially unfollowed Reality Steve after seeing her comments today. I feel so sad for [Jade], especially that he never actually apologized to her,” added another.

“It’s very obvious that RS hasn’t apologized to the women he has directly spew such hatred comments against. This tells me he has learned nothing,” a third wrote.

On Reality Steve’s Instagram Live with Ashley Spivey on Wednesday, April 21, he said that he sent personal emails to Jade, Blakeley Jones, and Tayshia Adams. He turned the comments off during the live because it had been an “exhausting 24 hours” for him.

Interesting, Bachelor Nation’s Demi Burnett responded to Reality Steve’s apology with some tweets of her own, saying “no, you haven’t changed.” She then detailed a recent time in which Steve got her on the phone to tell her that he had a sex dream about her. She shared follow-up text messages to prove her point.

Jade Responded to the Messages She’d Been Receiving

Jade took to Instagram after receiving messages about what’s been going on. Although she did not address Reality Steve’s apology, she did thank her fans for the “support.”

“OK, want to address some things coming my way last night/today. So from what I understand, there was a Reddit thread with screenshots showing old blogs of Reality Steve writing some very degrading comments about me while I was on the show. This has really been throwing me for a loop today, bringing up a lot of old emotions of how it felt to read those things week to week and have his army come after me week to week. I know ‘Chatty Broads’ talks about it in their most recent podcast episode, too,” Jade wrote on her Instagram Stories.

“I just want to say it feels like a weight off my shoulders to be seen, to have someone say nobody deserves to be treated that way. So thank you for the support that’s been shown my way,” she added.

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