Rebecca Zamolo Death – Dead: Rebecca Zamolo Cause of Death

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Rebecca Zamolo Death – Dead: Rebecca Zamolo Cause of Death | Rebecca Zamolo becomes another victim of death hoax. She is not dead, it was just a prank.

Fans are worried and really wanted to know the state of the Youtube Star. If she is Dead or Alive. However it has been confirmed that, she is not dead but alive. It was just a Hoax

A prank website has earlier written that, the youtube start is dead;

Rebecca Zamolo a 37 year old YouTuber that makes fake content for kids has recently died in a car crash along side her husband, Matt Slays and her two puppy’s.

They were in their Tesla today at 4:33pm and crashed into a dead end their bodies where found in Los Angeles California. A memorial will be held for them today at 8pm tomorrow.

This is just a prank, kindly disregard.

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