Renada McGuire Death Dead – Renada McGuire Obituary: Cause of Death

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Renada McGuire Death Dead – Renada McGuire Obituary: Cause of Death

Saturday July 4th we suddenly lost our beloved mother, sister, and aunt Renada McGuire to covid-19. Renada is a mother of 6 children Elijah 19, Victerius 17, Tyvicrean 15, Alexis 12, Kourtney 10, and Davian 6. Our family has gone through a lot these pass few days. She’s leaving behind two disabled children who will need alot of care and attention. Already heartbroken from losing my only sibling it broke my heart even more having to place the phone by her(Renada) ear on speaker for her children to say they love her, miss her, and try to encourage her to fight to get better, just to come home two hours later in inform 6 kids that their mother isn’t coming home from the hospital and has passed away. They will be left in the care of their uncle Jorge and his wife whom has 4 children of their own. With the little life insurance policy she did try to get for burial she didn’t have the policy for over 2 years so, it will not be honored she only had it for 10 months). So, besides trying to figure out how we’re going to financially support and care for her 5 children in 2 of them being disabled, we have to come up with funds to bury her. Even if you don’t donate and you read this post please take covid-19 serious! She did have underline health issues(kidney and heart problems) but, I can’t imagine she never thought at age 39 she wouldn’t be here to see her children grow up.

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