Richard Gonzalez Missing South Carolina / Is Richard Gonzalez Found Yet

Richard Gonzalez Missing South Carolina

Richard Gonzalez Missing South Carolina / Search continues as Richard Gonzalez has not been found yet. We urge the general public to help us find our missing person.

Garland man, Richard Gonzalez has been declared missing when he disappeared Monday during a hike in the South Carolina wilderness.

Richard Gonzalez, 27, was last seen Monday afternoon when was separated from his two friends while hiking in Oconee State Park.

Help us find Richard;

Amy Vanessa Nitzel‎Finding Richard Gonzalez Wrote;

I just talked to my mom.
She left her hotel room this morning and a local news crew was there waiting to interview her live. They will also interview one of the guys who was hiking with my brother.
My mom said they will let us know how many people show up for the volunteer search party. We made the flier late last night, so a lot of people told us they couldn’t make it on such short notice but they will show up tomorrow if the search continues.
Everyone is going in the park today. (My parents, Bryan, and Chris). Since they are all going in, no one will have cell service. I will still message all of them in hopes that they get to an area where they can reply to me.
We are working on getting a few of my brothers shirts sent to their hotel so we can request search dogs ASAP.
Please continue to pray. I just want to get some good news today. I can’t take another night of knowing he is alone out there. 😔💔
I want to talk to him and hug him. Please please pray we find him today. Pray for his comfort and peace.
I am also praying that he has come across one of the posters with his pictures on it, so he knows we are working to find him. He needs hope and strength. 🙏🏼