Ring of Fire June Teasers 2021 Zee world

Ring of Fire June Teasers 2021 Zee world

Ring of Fire June Teasers 2021: Revati wakes up and discloses Sanjay’s truth. Feeling guilty for having misunderstood his family all his life, Sameer asks for forgiveness. Read Ring of Fire June 2021 Teasers

Ring of Fire June Teasers 2021
Ring of Fire June Teasers 2021

Zee World Ring of Fire June 2021 Teasers

Tuesday 1 June 2021

Episode 222

Sanjay goes searching for Revati and strikes her with his car when he places her on the street. Since it was a hit and run situation, Agni gets called into the hospital and is devastated to find Revati in this condition.

Episode 223

Revathi falls into coma.

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Episode 224

Agni clears Sakshi’s misunderstandings and informs her that she loves her. Sakshi, realising the enormity of her wrongs, destroys her statue and admits in front of the whole family that Kishan and Agni will get married again.

Episode 225

Agni And Kishan’s Sangeet Party happen.

Thursday 3 June 2021

Episode 226

Kishan gets an electrical shock when he goes to inspect the electricity board, but Sakshi reaches there in time and saves him. While attempting to revive Kishan, she in a state of fear admits her love and Agni witnesses everything.

Episode 227

Agni Bears the Family’s Anger while Kishan is heartbroken.

Friday 4 June 2021

Season Finale!

Kishan insists that Sameer and Agni perform the prayer ceremony. Revati wakes up and reveals Sanjay’s truth. Feeling guilty for having misunderstood his family all of his life, Sameer asks for forgiveness.


Ring of fire Zee World is an amazing tale of one eligible bachelor, two possible suitors and 3 families caught in a tug-of-war. What happens when an unexpected love triangle turns into a wild burning blaze?

Note: Ring of fire is back on Zee world but the series will start from the beginning.

Ring of fire full story:

Anurag Singh is an MBA graduate who has returned to his native town in Bihar after completing his studies from London. Anurag’s family arranges his wedding to law student Srishti who is a soft-spoken traditional girl. However Loud-mouthed and bold, Ragini Singh has grown up spoilt and takes a liking to Anurag. On Anurag and Srishti’s wedding day, Ragini’s father forces Anurag to marry Ragini to fulfil her wishes. To save her and Anurag’s family from humiliation, Srishti instead marries Anurag’s younger brother Vishu who is mentally challenged.

Anurag’s mother, Revati, disapproves of Ragini’s goonish behavior and plans to separate Ragini and Anurag. Meanwhile, Vishu and Srishti strike a friendship.

A hitman tries to kill Srishti on several occasions. On their honeymoon, Vishu confronts the killer and dies after falling off a cliff. His body is never recovered. Ragini finally leaves for her father’s home, dejected by her loveless marriage with Anurag.

Vikraal, Ragini’s father, decides to get Ragini married to someone else, but a changed Anurag decides to win her over. They unite and Ragini becomes pregnant. Tensions rise between the couple when Ragini joins her father’s political work. When she has a fall and loses the baby, the couple reconcile and decide to understand each other better and start afresh.

Baiju (Ayaz Ahmed), a goon, whom Srishti had slapped for his misbehaviour, starts chasing her and creates circumstances in which she is forced to marry him. He tortures her and sells her to a brothel till his mother tells him about Srishti saving her life. Baiju has a change of heart and develops feelings for Srishti who also gradually comes to see him as a friend.

Srishti then meets Vishu’s lookalike, DJ Shanky, who she discovers is in fact Vishu who has lost his memory. She brings him back to the Singh family where Revati wants Vishu and Srishti to reunite. Revati tries to emotionally manipulate a jealous Baiju into letting Srishti go but Srishti figures out the truth and declares her love for Baiju upsetting Vishu.

After a series of events, Baiju is implicated in a drugs case and Ragini leaves to try and prove his innocence. However, Baiju is killed and Ragini is sent to prison for his murder. The Singh family don’t believe her and when she delivers a daughter in jail, she asks the jailor to tell her daughter that her mother was innocent and to tell the Singhs that the baby was born dead. Ragini writes a letter to Srishti explaining her innocence and Baiju’s death and an angered Srishti confronts the real murderer, Vishu and kills him. She dies delivering her daughter who is taken to the Singh family.

20 Years later (season 2) 

The show now follows the stories of Agni, Ragini and Anurag’s daughter and Sakshi, Srishti and Baiju’s daughter. While Sakshi grows up in the loving Singh family and becomes a doctor, Agni has been brought up in a foster home and becomes a police inspector.

Later they found out that sakshi is not a Doctor after all. Agni falls in love with kishan and to take revenge from agni, sakshi marries kishan . Later fall in love with him. Sakshi changes towards her sister agni and became friends. Agni and kishan were going to get married when agni found out that her sister sakshi actually falls in love with kishan and agni marries sameer brother of kishan and lives in the same house to let sakshi lives with kishan.

More information on Ring of fire Zee World

  • Name: Ring of fire zee world
  • Start date: December 2020
  • network: Zee World Africa
  • Seasons: 2
  • Episodes: 482
  • Time slot: 8pm WAT
  • Indian title: Agniphera