Ring of Fire update Monday 10th May 2021

Ring of Fire 8 may 2021 update: Agni walks into Revathi’s home with suitcase to stay here. Revathi is surprised to see her and says she told she will not come until Sakshi permits to her to stay here. Sakshi says she requested Agni to stay here. Sakshi hugs Agni happily.

Sakshi says daadi’s happiness is most important to her as she is the only family member left in her life. Revathi says her sister Agni is there for her. Agni winks at Sakshi and goes into flashback where she walks into Sakshi’s clinic. She addresses Sakshi’s aides as Changu Mangu. They say they are Dr. Senti and Dr Toni. She says she came here to take Sakshi’s help to catch thief as she is new in town. She shows thief’s sketch to Sakshi. Sakshi tears it. Agni asks why did she tear thief’s pic, who will help her now, Daadi… she will take Daadi’s help then. Sakshi warns not to blackmail her with Daadi’s name. Agni says does not blackmails, she blacklists and says she will stay with Daadi if Sakshi does not have any problem. Sakshi agrees. Out of flashback, Agni winks at Sakshi again.

Kishan introduces his family. His mother is brought on wheelchair by chutki bahu. Daadi asks Chutki to let Badki in first. After they all get in, Chutki’s jokergiri starts. Family enjoys. Kishen says he brought gift for everyone from London. Daadi says he spoilt Chutki… Daadi herself gives gifts and thinks she will make bahus fight and enjoy drama like serial’s saas.

Changu and Mangu in Sakshi’s clinic promote Vikram Betaal serial and say Sakshi bhai is tolerating Agni at home, so she is late for work.

Agni and Sakshi get ready for work. Sakshi hugs Daadi. Agni touches her feet. Daadi says daughter’s won’t touch feet and says she will feed Agni’s favorite food from her hand. Sakshi gets jealous and says she will not have Agni’s favorite food. Daadi says she prepared her favorite food and shows makhana kheer. Sakshi excitedly munches kheer. Daadi says even she will taste and says it is very tasty and reveals Agni prepared it. Agni angrily packs kheer and says she will throw it to dog and will hide truth that Agni prepared it as nobody would want to have murderer’s daughter’s prepared kheer. Sakshi controls her anger.

At Kishen’s house, his grandmother tries to create difference between her bahus and make them fight. Kishan’s stepmom Yashi says she will exchange her earring with didi and will never fight with her. Daadi cribs that she tries to make them fight, but they don’t. Stepmom says though they are sautans, their husband is same, so why they should fight. Kishan says that is why he loves them both and says Daadi wants to act typical saas. Chachi says she is feeling very hungry. Daadi asks Yashi to prepare 5-6 paranthas for chutki. Yashi says there is no vegetable at home, so she will get some vegetables from market and leaves.

Sakshi is at clinic thinking of how to send Agni out of her house and keep her away from Daadi. Kishen calls her and says he is feeling severe stomach pain, if she can come to his home and treat him. Sakshi agrees and reaches home. Kishan acts andd introduces her to Daadi and mother. Jokergiri starts. Sakshi thinks how to treat him. Changu mangu kidnap doctor and make him speak to Sakshi over phone. Sakshi asks him to tell remedy for Kishan’s problem. Doctor asks to give cold milk and apply ice. Chachi and Daadi doubt if Sakshi is really a doctor. Sakshi asks chachi to get icecream and herself goes out and brings milk and feeds Kishen saying it as medicine. Family gets impressed with her helping nature. She continues her jokergiri and leaves.

Yashi goes to market to buy vegetables. Agni’s duty is in same market. Thief snatches Yashi’s purse and runs. Agni throws cabbage on his head and makes him fall. She then scolds him and orders to apologize aunty, asks why he stole. He says he needs to pay his sister’s school fees. She asks Mukhri to pay school fees and get him a job. Mukhri sasy he will get a vegetable cart for this man and sends him away. Yashi thanks Agni and praises her bravery. Sakshi assures her not to worry until she is performing duty here. Yashi returns home. Badki informs about Sakshi and how she treated Kishan. Tashi describes Agni’s bravery and how she saved her from thief. Kishan asks if she is talking about Agni. She asks how does he know. He says he has met that brave officer and will go and thank him. Mother and son emotional bonding and dialogues start.

Agni in police station looks at Ragini and Baiju’s case and gets emotional imagining the incident. She hears Mukhri trashing a drunkard for getting inebriated and beating his wife repeatedly. She takes stick and trashes drunkard next. Kishan enters police station to thank her. Agni with her back towards him, thinks him as Mukhri and asks to give water bottle and then kerchief, seeing K on his hand asks why he scribed K instead of M, turns and seeing Kishan calls him Thakur Sahab. He thanks her for saving his mother and asks if they can go for dinner tonight. She gives him number and says it is Mukhri’s number, he can take Mukhri for dinner. He praises her intelligence and leaves. He gets into car and imagines her. Aaj se teri…song..plays in the background. Sakshi in her clinic looks at Agni’s photo angrily and cuts it.

Revathi calls Sakshi’s doctor friend and giving him snacks asks how is Sakshi doing, if he is married.. Man says he wanted to tell her that Sakshi is not a doctor. Revathi in shock asks what…Agni enters and says her sister is a savior for patients. She asks Revathi to get her favorite aaloo poori and sends her, warns doctor to dare not speak against Sakshi in front of Daadi and sends him away. Sakshi enters and warns Agni dare not to interfere in her issues and her daadi. Agni says this is also her house.

Kishan returns home holding Agni’s water bottle and sees his father and chacha/uncle having dinner, touches their feet and ask when did they come from Patna. Father says just sometime ago. Kishan says he wants to help father in his business and asks if he can handle his disputed land in Bilaspur. Father hesitantly agrees. Daadi tries to drink water from Agni’s bottle, but Kishan stops her and says it is very special.

In the morning, Daadi performs pooja. Agni and Sakshi fight for aarti thali. Daadi asks them to perform aarti together. Sakshi performs wrong aarti, Daadi asks to perform like Agni. They hear sound outside and walk out and see a man with crane saying they have to vacate this house and he got court order. Sakshi yells at him. Agni asks her to calm down, he has court orders. Sakshi yells at Agni next and tears papers. Officer leaves asking Agni to explain her sister.

Agni returns to police station. Mukhri brings builder with cloth on his face. Agni scolds him if he does not value people’s feelings and removes cloth from his face. She is shocked to see Kishan is builder. Their eyes lock. Agni asks him to speak. Kishan shows legal papers and says he has papers with him. Sakshi enters and yells at Kishan. Agni asks why did she come here. Sakshi says she followed Mukhri and came here. She holds Kishan’s collar. Agni stops hera and warns she cannot take law in her hands and says Kishan has legal papers and asks Mukhri to drop Kishan out. Agni thinks he should have checked before filing case. Agni confronts Sakshi and says Kishan has legal papers. Sakshi says even she has legal papers and asks head constable to check papers and tell if these are real. Constable asks Sakshi if she bought house from Harikrishna Dalal, he is a big fraud.

Agni gives property papers to constable and asks if he can tell how there are 2 papers of same property. Constable checks papers and asks Sakshi if bought property from Harikrishna agent, he is a big fraud and conned many people. Agni asks constable to find out where this agent is. She tells Sakshi that daadi would have bought this house when Sakshi was a kid, so she should not interfere in legal issues and let her handle it. Sakshi yells at her. Agni says chachi/Shristi was a big lawyer, then how can Sakshi break rules. Agni continues yelling not to take her mother’s name, etc.

Kishan returns home and tells his mothers that the property which father asked to get vacated, Agni and Sakshi stay there with their daadi, he unkowingly sent vacation notice to them. Mothers say Agni and Sakshi will stay in our house, they can do at least that to return their favor. Kishan gets happy. Badki thinks she can test Sakshi and Yashi thinks she can test Agni.

Agni tells Daadi/Revathi that she has already given application for quarters, so they will stay in police quarters. She packs daadi’s suitcase. Sakshi enters and throws clothes back and says she is her daadi and will stay with her. Agni says she is also her daadi. They both fight. Daadi reminisce Shristi’s words that she wants both children to stay together. She shouts to stop fighting. Door bell rings. Sakhi opens door. Kishan enters. Sakshi asks what is he doing here and tells Daadi that he is the one who is expelling them out of their house. Kishan tells Daadi that he is the culprit and sent notice unkowingly, so he wants them to stay at his house. He tries to convince her. Agni says she has only one daadi and wants her to stay with her. Kishan tries to explain Sakshi. Sakshi to oppose Agni agees. Daadi also agrees. Kishan thanks Daadi and Sakshi and says if doctor stays at her house, his mom’s condition will improve. Agni says she will not come, so Sakshi and Agni can go. Daadi agrees and walks with Sakshi.

Sakshhi with Daadi reaches Kishan’s hhouse. Agni also reaches. Sakshi yells. Daadi scolds them to keep quiet. Kishan’s family greets them. Daadi says she came here on Kishan’s insistence. Daadi and Yashi bring aarti thalis and perform Agni and Sakshi’s aarti.