Rod Wave Car Accident – Rod Wave Near-Fatal Car Crash

The 2020 Corvettes have only been out for just a couple of months, but already we have witnessed the carnage of wrecks and other bad luck that has befallen on America’s Favorite Sportscar. From DUI drivers, Ohio cornfields, faulty lifting, and even an encounter with a large deer, the hits just appear to keep on coming faster than the plant can make replacements!

Okay, it might not be that out-of-control yet, but the relatively low cost of the Corvettes combined with performance capabilities that mid-engine sports cars known for could be creating the situation where owners are more willing to take risks with it because it’s just a Corvette and not a Ferrari, right?

Here’s yet another 2020 Corvette Stingray that has met a cruel end after impacting with an unmovable object, according to a post on Instagram from rapper Rod Wave. The quick video shows a Ceramic Matrix Gray 2020 Corvette with the front passenger-side severely damaged with the car actually sitting on top of the front wheel that’s now turned sideways.

On his Instagram post, the Florida rapper writes “Hurt me to my heart the way our love ended 💔”:

Sadly, the only entry on Rod Wave’s Instagram account with the 2020 Corvette is the crashed video. A video posted to YouTube on May 27th shows the Ceramic Matrix Gray Corvette at a dealership with the title saying “Rodwave Buy a New Car (2020 Corvette)” so his ownership of the car didn’t even last a full month.

Is another Corvette in the plans for Rod Wave? His social accounts always show him holding stacks of cash, and according to, he is finding much success on the Billboard music charts with his latest release:

Rod Wave recently celebrated the release of his sophomore LP Pray 4 Love, which peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 in its first week on the chart. Eight of the titles from that project charted on the Hot 100. According to Billboard, he is one of only 10 artists who have earned that many entries since the start of the year.