Ron Halderman Death Dead – Ron Halderman Obituary: Cause of Death

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Ron Halderman Death Dead – Ron Halderman Obituary: Cause of Death

Ron served as Director of Special Projects for Mears Group. He was a pillar of integrity and accomplishments, that was well earned over his 36-year career in the industry. He was also a beloved father, husband, son, and friend to many. His wife, Lynn, always present and supportive of his career, can attest to his quirky humor, but also of his grounded stability, and love for his family. Ron passed away Friday, May 29, in Billings, Montana after battling cancer.

Mears was privileged to have a person of Ron’s stature in its ranks and is thankful for his innovativeness and passion for his work. He will always remain part of the Mears’ family and is an integral part of the Company’s history as a truly remarkable person.

The family will be making a donation to Colorado School of Mines in memory of Ron. Checks can be made payable to Lynn Halderman. A memorial is tentatively being planned in the future at Ron and Lynn’s home in Billings, Montana.

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