Ronnie Magro Addresses His Absence From Jersey Shore


MTV alum Ronnie Magro issued a statement after he was missing from the trailer for the upcoming season of “Jersey Shore.”

MTV alum Ronnie Magro issued a statement after he was missing from the trailer for the upcoming season of “Jersey Shore.” Ronnie revealed he was going to take a step back from the reality TV show following his battle with mental health. The star didn’t address his April 22 arrest for domestic violence involving girlfriend Saffire Matos.

In a statement posted to his Instagram story on May 13, Ronnie and MTV “mutually” agreed it was time for him to take a step back. The most important thing for Ronnie to take care of right now is his health.

After talking to the team at MTV, we have mutually agreed that I will step away from the show while I seek medical treatment for mental health issues that I’ve ignored for too long. My number one goal now if facing my struggles head-on. This process will be difficult, but my No. 1 priority is to get healthy and be the best man and the best father I can for my daughter.

The domestic charges against him were dropped by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office due to lack of evidence. He could still face legal problems because he was on probation when he was arrested.

Ronnie, 35, didn’t reveal if he would be doing an in-patient or out-patient program, but this isn’t the first time he has sought help. In 2019,  he completed 30 days in rehab related to alcohol abuse and depression, per Radar Online.

Fans Noticed Ronnie Was Missing From the ‘Jersey Shore’ Trailer

Shortly after MTV dropped the trailer for season 4B of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, viewers realized that Ronnie was absent.

Sleuths discovered Drew Tappon, a “Jersey Shore” producer, did not include Ronnie in a tweet about the upcoming season but did mention people like Nikki Hall and Lauren Sorrentino — people who are married or dating members of the original cast.

Various petitions were created after Ronnie’s April 22 arrest, with fans threatening to quit watching “Jersey Shore” if Ronnie wasn’t fired.

MTV and Ronnie, who has been on “Jersey Shore” since 2009, did not issue statements about the multiple petitions calling for his dismissal.

When the teaser was first dropped, Ronnie’s absence was originally overshadowed by the return of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. The pint-sized reality star claimed she was retiring from “Jersey Shore” after the mean-spired toast she gave at Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding, but she surprised her old roommates by popping out of a cake in the latest season.

Saffire Is Standing By Ronnie

Saffire has maintained that things with Ronnie are “fine” and she asked for privacy. According to the Staten Island eyelash technician, there is a false narrative about the incident spreading online.

“Ronnie and I are fine there is a lot of misleading information floating around out there,” Saffire, 29, wrote on Instagram after Ronnie was released from prison on $100,000 bail. “With anybody who reached out with concern I appreciate it with all my heart, but everything that’s being portrayed out there are not facts. I don’t think it’s fair that people are using false accusations to gain attention.”

Ronnie never issued an apology but thanked his friends for staying by his side. “I take all experiences as lessons,” he said in an Instagram statement of his own following his release. “You learn who really cares about you when your down and out and than you see who doesn’t! But I guess they call it the weeding process… Thank you to my real friends who haven’t left my side and haven’t betrayed me!”

Don’t miss season 4B of “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” when it returns Thursday, June 3 at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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