Ronnie Ortiz Magro Opens Up About ‘Personal Failure’


“Jersey Shore” star Ronnie Ortiz Magro took to Instagram after he avoided felony charges for his April domestic violence case.

Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz Magro took to Instagram after he avoided felony charges for his April domestic violence case. He was apprehended in Los Angeles on suspicion of intimate partner violence with injuries and with priors, People reported last month.

The MTV personality shared a cryptic quote on May 7 that talked about mental illness.

“It’s okay to feel unstable,” the quote reads, as first noted by Page Six. “It’s okay to disassociate. It’s okay to hide from the world. It’s okay to need help. It’s okay to not be okay. Your mental illness is not a personal failure.”

Ronnie, 35, avoided charges in his domestic violence with girlfriend Saffire Matos because the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office determined they didn’t have enough evidence, TMZ reported. Now the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office will be looking at the case, which means he could get hit with a misdemeanor — or nothing at all.

Ronnie’s team was “glad” about the progress in the case. “If this reporting is true, as we said from the beginning, initial reports and unreviewed charges are often and; in Ronnie’s case, wrong,” his attorney Scott Leemon told TMZ. “We are glad the DA’s office made this decision not to charge a felony. We will await a decision from the County Attorney’s office.”

Ronnie was on probation for a domestic violence case involving his ex-girlfriend Jenn Harley. The former couple shares 3-year-old daughter Ariana Sky together. Ariana was in Ronnie’s care when the incident with Saffire occurred. Jenn rushed from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to pick up their daughter, saying it was the last time she was going to make that kind of travel.

Saffire Defended Ronnie After The Domestic Violence Incident

Initial reports didn’t include Saffire’s name, but the lash technician revealed there was “misleading information” online.

“Ronnie and I are fine there is a lot of misleading information floating around out there,” she wrote on Instagram in April. “With anybody who reached out with concern I appreciate it with all my heart, but everything that’s being portrayed out there are not facts.”

“I don’t think it’s fair that people are using false accusations to gain attention. Please leave Ron and I alone. You don’t know what someone is going through at the end of the day,” she continued. “Don’t believe everything you hear or read online.”

Ronnie’s First Statement Was Riddled With Errors

The Jersey Shore star broke his silence days after Saffire, but his statement included randomly capitalized words and spelling mistakes.

“I am grateful For all my real Friends! Thank you for being by myself the last few week,” he wrote. “I take all experiences as lessons.”

“You Learn who really cares about you when your down and out and than you see who doesn’t! But I guess they call it the weeding process,” the MTV personality continued. “Thank you to My real friends who haven’t left my side and haven’t betrayed me! #BcOfYouGuysIFeelBlessed”

Ronnie’s fellow Jersey Shore co-stars have not issued public statements about his arrest.

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