Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Returns to Instagram Following Arrest

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Returns to Instagram Following Arrest


Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro posted disturbing messages on social media following his latest arrest for domestic violence, but he quickly took them down.

The Jersey Shore star, 35, was arrested in Los Angeles for felony domestic violence while still on probation for a previous altercation with his ex, Jen Harley. Ronnie was released from jail after posting $100,000 bail, per TMZ. The reality star’s plea deal for 36 months probation had not even reached one-year mark when he was busted for an alleged violent offense.

A source told Radar Online that Ronnie was taken into custody following an incident between him and “an intimate partner.”

“The woman claimed to have injuries as a result of Ronnie,” the source said.

Ronnie has been dating Saffire Matos since last fall, but it is unclear if she was the woman involved in his latest alleged altercation. The two are still following each other on Instagram.

Ronnie Posted – Then Quickly Deleted – a Message on His Instagram Story

Ronnie Ortiz-MagroRonnie Ortiz-Magro

GettyRonnie Ortiz-Magro.

Ronnie was apparently busy on social media following his arrest. He disabled comments on his Instagram page following his most recent legal drama, but he shared a Jersey Shore clip on his story as well as some fan art. He also posted — then quickly deleted –disturbing messages on his own Instagram story.

On Reddit, fans posted an image of a now-deleted post that was allegedly on Ronnie’s Instagram story following his arrest. In a pink background, the post from Ronnie’s account read: “Worse than wasted time is being used & wasting your love! #LV #YSL #Rolex #Teeth #RangeRovers #Cartier #Balenciaga #KnowYourselfBcTheyWillAlwaysTreatYouThe WayYouDeserve.”

Fans were confused by the post, but some felt the hashtags were Ronnie’s reference to things that he paid for when she was with Saffire.

“I’m thinking the hashtags are all the things he thinks she ‘used him’ for,” one commenter wrote.

“I don’t follow his messy life, so I take this as these are all the things he’s bought her ie. she’s used him for- in his gross mind anyway,” another agreed.

“I think he’s trying to paint himself as the victim of a gold digger, to flip the script so people talk about that instead of him being an abuser. It worked for him before,” another commenter added.

Ronnie Allegedly Posted Disturbing Messages Aimed at Jen’s New Boyfriend, Joe


Ronnie also allegedly sent threatening text messages to Jen Harley’s new man, per The Hollywood Gossip. In a lengthy Reddit thread, fans shared screenshots of Ronnie’s alleged exchange with Joe in which Joe accused the Jersey Shore star of threatening to run him over with car and sending him other death threats.

In a response that appears to be from Ronnie, it says, “I don’t have to post death threats. U want to pop off so your gums will end up Wrigley’s. U can only hide so long. The refinancing of my house u live in…I have your address because u can’t afford to get the house out of my name…”

Many Jersey Shore fans have already called for Ronnie to be fired from the MTV reality show following his latest arrest.

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