Russian State TV Goes Ballistic Over Ukraine Shock Video Showing Fake Killing of Soldier – What We Know!

Vladimir Putin, talking alongside Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko throughout their joint press convention on Tuesday, referred to as the scenario in Ukraine “a tragedy,” failing to say his direct duty for initiating the invasion. As at all times, Russian state media has been enjoying alongside, portraying the devastating penalties of Russia’s struggle of aggression as solely Ukraine’s fault.

Russian casualties are hardly ever talked about by Kremlin-controlled media. “Every thing is roofed in corpses of Ukrainian troopers,” stated host Vladimir Soloviev throughout Monday’s broadcast of his present, The Night With Vladimir Soloviev. There was no condemnation of the fee in human lives wrought by their chief’s unprovoked struggle of aggression.

As an alternative, state media is aghast over a just lately launched shock video, wherein an actress threatens Russian invaders with sure dying. Although they seem unperturbed by the scenes of carnage out of Bucha or Mariupol, or the bombings of peaceable Ukrainian cities, the Kremlin’s propagandists have been triggered by a fictitious portrayal of revenge in opposition to an actor enjoying the a part of a Russian occupant.

Within the video, the actress—wearing an embroidered robe and a nationwide Ukrainian headdress—threatens invading troops with retaliation for the deaths of struggle victims in Bucha, Irpin, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa and Mariupol. She predicts they’d by no means return house to Russia, and makes a hand movement pretending to slit the throat of a male actor with a sickle, off-camera.

The clip despatched shockwaves all through Russian airwaves.

“This video proves that Ukraine is the brand new ISIS,” Soloviev exclaimed, leaving out the truth that ISIS movies graphically present actual killings and never mere reenactments.

On Monday, Olga Kovitidi, member of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Laws and State Constructing, instructed the newspaper Izvestia that the clip is “demonic.” She claimed that “Ukraine has develop into a poisonous state,” and added that “the video as soon as once more confirms the correctness of the particular navy operation carried out by Russia.” In an unbelievable show of gaslighting, Kovitidi used a response to Russia’s brutal invasion as justification for beginning the struggle.

Dmitry Polyansky, Russia’s First Deputy Everlasting Consultant to the UN, used the identical warped logic throughout a current assembly of the UN Safety Council. He argued that the video retroactively justified Russia’s struggle. “It’s unhappy that Ukraine has come right down to unbridled cruelty, to blind, not lagging behind ISIS radicalism and extremism. Seeing this, you solely develop into satisfied of the necessity and no various to the particular navy operation carried out by Russia,” Polyansky asserted.

The clip was obsessively aired by state TV present 60 Minutes in its entirety on Monday. “Animalistic cruelty is turning into the norm,” complained state TV host Evgeny Popov. He added: “Blind hatred is being promoted to incite common individuals. The strategies of ISIS head-cutters organically slot in with Ukrainian politics. Any person determined that this sort of bigotry will enhance morale… There are actually a lot fewer of those that nonetheless didn’t perceive what ‘de-nazification’ stands for and why it’s wanted.”

Certainly, Popov’s spouse and co-host Olga Skabeeva ave previously described the method of “de-nazification” as liquidation that is perhaps accomplished by beheading—or, as she put it, “knocking heads off”—throughout one other broadcast of 60 Minutes. She echoed the statements of State Duma member and chairman of Russia’s nationalist Rodina celebration Aleksey Zhuravlyov, who additionally stated throughout a dialogue on the identical present that “de-nazification” needs to be performed by shootings or beheadings. He, too, was current within the studio on Monday, expressing outrage on the video—however not the true violence unfolding in Ukraine.

Regardless of state TV propagandists’ personal bloodlust, the Ukrainian star of the video, Andrianna Kurylets, was instantly focused for retaliation. “Merely unbelievable. They’re searching for the producers of this insane clip. Folks have misplaced their minds,” Popov stated, including that the producers “have to be punished” after claiming that the clip was “funded by Ukrainian organizations from New Jersey.”

She is not a human.

Popov acknowledged {that a} felony case was opened in opposition to Kurylets in Russia. “She is from Lviv, so we’ll should march on Lviv… To seek out her, we’ll should go to Lviv,” Popov stated. Zhuravlyov beamed with pleasure, including: “That’s the finish of her.”

The state media pundit was fast to declare that Kurylets, who has since shut down her social media accounts, “needs to be scared. She is going to now should run all around the planet to keep away from being discovered… she is not a human… Or is she considering she received’t should be held accountable? She is going to, she actually will.”