Ruthless Killer Leatherface Real Name Has Been Changed For A Few Times Now, Who Is He Actually Based On? – What We Know!

All through the ‘Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath movies, Leatherface’s id has modified a number of occasions, however what’s his actual title?

Within the ninth version of the “Texas Chainsaw” franchise, the notorious serial assassin “Leatherface” returns to brutally homicide individuals.

Though Leatherface is a well known title, the character’s true id stays a thriller.

Leatherface’s given title has modified a number of occasions through the years.

Leatherface, in contrast to his horror contemporaries, Micahel Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Krueger are not often referred to by his given title.

Within the authentic “Texas Chain Noticed Bloodbath,” he goes by the moniker “Leatherface” (1974).

Audiences weren’t launched to the Sawyer household till “The Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath Half 2″ (1986) when Leatherface’s title was revealed to be Bubba Sawyer.

Within the Michael Bay-produced 2003 remake, the cannibalistic household’s surname was altered from Sawyer to Hewitt.

On this continuity, Leatherface’s full title was Thomas Brown Hewitt.

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Leatherface’s title was altered once more to Jedidiah Sawyer in 2013’s “Texas Chainsaw 3D,” which served as a direct sequel to the originals.

What Is Leatherface From Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath Actual Identify 

Within the first two movies, Leatherface was referred to as Bubba Sawyer.

It’s unclear whether or not Bubba was a nickname, nevertheless it was his given title.

The third movie, “Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath III,” has already blurred the timeframe (1990).

It reckons the occasions of TCM2, notably the extermination of Leatherface and the Sawyer household.

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TCM3 is thus a straight sequel to the unique, as is the case with latest franchise reboots equivalent to “Halloween” (2018) and the upcoming “Texas Chainsaw Bloodbath” (2022).

TCM3 referred to Leatherface as’ Junior, ‘with the Sawyer household’s surname remaining the identical.

Leatherface: Which Killer Is The Character-Primarily based On?

Leatherface was largely based mostly on Gein, proper right down to the pores and skin masks.

Tobe Hooper has stated that some particulars of the murders themselves, together with Leatherface’s iconic pores and skin masks, have been based mostly on the murders of serial killer Ed Gein. 

The Gein murders are believed to have taken place between 1954 and 1957. Nonetheless, Gein was based mostly in Wisconsin, not Texas.