Ryan Edwards Wife Blasts ‘Stupid’ Teen Mom Fans

Ryan Edwards Wife Blasts ‘Stupid’ Teen Mom Fans


If people don’t understand Mackenzie Edwards’ “cryptic” posts it’s because they’re “too stupid.”

If people don’t understand Mackenzie Edwards’ “cryptic” posts — she says it’s because they’re “too stupid.” The Teen Mom OG alum lashed out after rumors swirled she was divorcing husband Ryan Edwards following their firings from the MTV series.

“Just because you’re too stupid to get it doesn’t make it cryptic,” she shared via an Instagram story on May 3. The note was handwritten, though it wasn’t clear if Mackenzie was the one who penned the message.

Her statement came after she responded to some fans under her most recent post, another quote: “… She remembered who she was, and the game change.” An overwhelming number of responses assumed Mackenzie was talking about leaving Ryan, a recovering drug addict who has been to rehab twice and spent time behind bars because of his substance abuse.

‘Teen Mom’ Fans Slammed Mackenzie’s ‘Cryptic’ Post

Some fans were curious what Mackenzie and Ryan were going to do for money know that they won’t be on Teen Mom OG. “How will you support your family now that you don’t have that MTZ cash? Will Ryan get a job?” one fan asked. “lmao get a job like everybody else in this world lol,” Mackenzie wrote back.

Mackenzie also shared a back-and-forth with one of Maci Bookout’s fans. Ryan and Maci, who share 12-year-old son Bentley, have been feuding about the amount of time their son spends with his paternal family.

“When you decide to do a television show and put your life out there people have the right to comment and express their opinions,” Maci’s supporter wrote under Mackenzie’s post.

“Literally not one person here is a victim,” Mackenzie shot back.

“Sure you can tell yourself that,” Maci’s supporter added. “Don’t be mad at Maci for being strong enough to keep her son safe from being a statistic of generational toxicity passed down…”

Mackenzie finished the exchange with a curt answer: “lol ok girl.”

Mackenzie Is Launching a Fitness Brand

Now that she doesn’t have to worry about being on MTV, Mackenzie is going to focus on fitness. After giving birth to her youngest child Stella, Mackenzie embarked on a weight loss journey that left her looking nearly unrecognizable. Days after she and Ryan were fired from Teen Mom OG, Mackenzie was happy to announce she created a fitness plan for her followers.

“I have been putting together a fitness plan since I started my fitness journey close to a year ago,” the mother-of-three said last month. “I had decided that I was going to curate a plan with trainers, and I got a team together and we are finally making that dream a reality, and I’m so excited.”

Ryan is going to be building dune buggies now that he doesn’t have to be camera-ready. “He fabricates buggies from the ground up. He would love to build buggies for people. Put row bars on them,” Ryan’s father Larry Edwards told The Sun. “Not many people do custom work like that. He’s very good at it. He’s got all the tools and machines.”

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