Sadaf Zehra Naqvi Death Dead – Sadaf Zehra Naqvi Obituary: Cause of Death – Domestic Violence

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Sadaf Zehra Naqvi, a wife of journalist and social media activist Ali Salman Alvi was a victim of domestic violence. According to her friend, she was a wonderful girl, a bright, smart, and ambitious woman and a mother of a recently turned one-year-old daughter. She was responsible towards the society, politically activated and aware, her friend said.
The deceased’s friend has held her friend’s husband responsible for her death. According to her, Sadaf met Ali Salman Alvi on Twitter. However, just seven months of marriage, Sadaf found out that her husband was blackmailing women for money by using different twitter IDs. She found emails and receipts of money sent to Ali Salman on confrontation he apologized by saying it was an old chapter that he needed closure.
Considering it was just the beginning of her married life Sadaf choose to move forward but a year into the marriage
Sadaf once again found out that Alvi was involved in a martial affair with another woman in Islamabad. At the time, she confronted him with evidence he made up a story that she needed consolation as she was alone. “Sadaf was a new mother, post-operation she was sick as she also went through a miscarriage and was on bed rest,” her friend said.
As per friend, Zehra did not want her daughter to live without a father may be that was the reason she chose to stay back. However, this time, she caught her husband for the third time after discovering chats of Ali Salman Alvi with other women.
The same evening, Sadaf was brutally beaten by her husband which continued for a couple of days.
On 20th June Sadaf celebrated her daughter’s first birthday, on the morning of 29th June she was found dead at her home with brutal torture.
During 3 years of marriage, Sadaf caught her blackmailing women for money, according to her friend. She was planning to move out soon after her daughter’s first birthday, her friend claimed.

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