Sadio Mane gives Liverpool the lead over Leeds


Gary Neville, speaking on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football show, has revealed that he can’t get his head around Arsenal and Tottenham’s inclusion in the proposed European Super League.

While the European Super League as a concept is dangerous, Americanised, garbage, which threatens the game we all love, there’s some teams’ inclusions in the proposed lineup which you can understand.

The likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City, Liverpool – the biggest clubs in the world who boast the best teams in the world, can all be justifiably included in a proposed breakaway of Europe’s elite.

Tottenham and Arsenal, however, not so much. Just how they’ve managed to have their names included in the discussions is quite remarkable.

With Spurs sitting 7th and Arsenal 9th, their La Liga equivalents are Real Sociedad and Levante. Their Italian equivalents are AS Roma (granted, a big club, if underperforming) and Verona. Where were their invitations?

The delusions of the North London duo to have such a skewed view of self-importance are everything that’s wrong with this concept, and Gary Neville agrees.

Speaking on the matter on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football programme, Neville dropped an absolute beauty of a line, “I’d rather watch the champions of San Marino than them two, they’re a joke to watch.”