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You’d have to have spent this week under a rock if you didn’t know the proposed European Super League proved so unpopular that it spectacularly collapsed in just over 48 hours.

Not long after confirming they were set to join the new breakaway competition, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham announced they’d U-turned on the move, with some of the owners issuing grovelling apologies to their furious fans.

The Super League did not go down at all well and is now dead in the water, which is an important victory for football, but we wanted to know what fans think should happen next.

See below for results on our poll, with hundreds of you giving us some clear insight into your feelings about the situation at your clubs…

Remarkably, 76% of ‘big six’ club supporters now want their current owners removed, which is unsurprising following the big protests held by Chelsea and Man Utd fans this week.

Similar numbers stated that they want to see the 50 plus 1 rule brought in for Premier League clubs, which is used in the German Bundesliga. Click here for a fuller explanation of what it means.

There is clearly huge appetite for change, with 78% of respondents wanting to see this model adopted in England after the Super League debacle.

However, fans were more split on the kind of punishment the big six should face for their antics this week.

43% of you said you’d support deducting points from these teams, but 46.5% said they would not support that kind of action, with some comments in the replies explaining that that would hurt fans too, and the punishment should hit the owners’ pockets instead.