San Antonio Airport Active Shooter, Evacuated Reports

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Unconfirmed reports of a possible active shooter at the San Antonio airport in Texas have hit Twitter. Authorities have not yet confirmed the reports.

Sanjay Kirpalani, whose Twitter page says he’s a veteran sports journalist, wrote on Twitter on the afternoon of April 15, 2021, “Just had to evacuate from San Antonio airport bc of an active shooter inside. Heart is still racing, but glad to be safe for the moment. Make sure you tell your loved ones that you love them.”

A woman named Angie Flores wrote, “My Boyfriend was San Antonio Airport and Someone was driving the wrong way. This happen right before active shooter. Everyone be careful!!!”

Leo Tynan wrote, “San Antonio Airport under active shooter lockdown. We are on tarmac in SW airlines plane at gate, holding, unable to leave. We are safe. Captain keeping us apprised.”