Shaasia Death Dead – Shaasia Obituary: Cause of Death

Horace Clarke Death

Shaasia passed away giving birth to her babygirl.

“Hello everyone shaasia was a beautiful soul. She passed away giving birth to her beautiful baby girl khloe. She just started her family . Just got her own apartment to be on her own . If you know shaasia she wanted to be a mom and she was gonna be an amazing one . She left behind so many hurt people with this sudden tragic lost. No one was expecting this . So for khloe we will take anything to help Juwan who is now a single dad . Yes he has a family but he is very much alone no matter how much we can be there for him . So again anything will help from 25 cent to a dollar . Thank you everyone and sleep in peace baby girl 04/14/1994 – 07/03/2020 .. WOODHULL HOSPITAL KILLED SHAASIA GIVING HER A EPIDURAL PLEASE HELP US GET JUSTICE”

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